summaron 35/2.8 for leica m3 question

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by mikeivnitsky, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Hi!

    I got two dead shutter leica M3's and a summaron 35/23.8 with eyes with some
    other sings for 200$.

    two questions:
    1) The summaron seems to introduce a vertical misalignment to the RF(the rf
    without it seems ok vertically).Can I fix it or do I need a CLA?How much would
    one cost?

    2)where do I CLA the mechanics and calibrate RF's and how much am I expected to

  2. Mike:
    Among the best Leica repairers are these:

    Don Goldberg of Wisconsin -- {DAG]

    Sherry Krauter of New York --

    Essex Camera of New Jersey

    Youxin Ye of Massachusetts --

    regards, bob cole
  3. Am I missing something!? The only connection between the lens and the RF follower is the cam on the back of the lens. How could this affect the vertical alignment of the the RF image? Maybe the camera body has been warped by the torque of a heavy lens! There must be some explanation other than the RF coupling!
  4. The goggles on the summaron are a passive part of the rf mechanism - it will not focus correctly without.
  5. You got a good deal, so long as the rangefinders are sound.
  6. Dan, the googles have kind of a prism on the right side - you can align them with the help of
    three tiny screws on the black barrel
  7. I am aware of the 'googles' situation, but misread the original question. I have not encountered the alignment problem with my Summaron so it just didn't gel with me. Mea culpa runneth over! ((;~[

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