Summaron 28/ 5.6

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  1. Can anyone who's used/ has got this lens post a summary of its imaging qualities? I've done a PN search which netted (pun intended) only 3 results, 1 of which is really quite interesting- Leica forum 14mths ago- but not relevant to the Summaron at all! Thank you, David.
  2. Why bother? it's F5.6 I would trash all my leicas if I had to shoot
    f5.6 or slower all the time or atleast get a MF. If this is some rare
    collectible then sell it and get some fast lens leica or otherwise.
  3. I had one for a few years in the 1970's. By the standards of the day it was an OK but not great lens, and useful only outdoors because of its slow speed. It doesn't vignette much, probably because it's slow to start out with. It's sharp enough for making 11x14 prints, no problem. The Canon and Nikkor 28's of the era were as good or better. At the time I'd lucked out finding it via a newspaper classified for $50.00 including hood, caps, bayonet adapter, finder, cases for both lens and finder and a few filters.

    I sold it at good profit when I got a first model 28mm Elmarit a few years later and continued using the finder until recently when I sold the Elmarit.
  4. Al, thanks both for the information & for consistently providing valuable answers.
    Happy holidays,

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