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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by og, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Because I like PN (content, interface, people...), I would like to
    provide my modest feedback and suggestions to improve the website.
    Each thread will be limited to a particular part, in order to allow
    other users to give their own feedback/opinion...

    My system: AMD XP2500 / 512Mb / 19' 1280x1024 16b / 128kbs Cable /
    Windows XP Pro FR / Opera v7.11 / Javascript enabled

    I start with 'My workspace'


    View own Ratings: Add the possibility to order Columns (+/-) (Date, A,
    O, Photographer).

    New Content (New stuff page): If possible, reduce load/delay by
    setting the default value to 2 days (instead of 7 - very long...).

    Interactive photo critique chat room (beta): is it still active? (if
    yes: what are the Login/Password). If no: Delete.


    help does not work

    Add a folder/roll/photo-CD: When you create several Folders in a row,
    the Folder type created is based on the previous selection, not the
    current one. You can include a 'Key' for a Roll Type folder => the
    note is wrong (says "only photoCD"). IMHO, just the regular 'Folder'
    type would be enough... (and keep a 'photo #' field for every photo...

    Custom Data Fields: Suppress the presentation of all created Customs
    Fields (useless and negative load). You should be able to delete your
    own Customs Data Fields (not just active/inactive).


    - Status 'New/Used' is not very usefull.

    - You should be able to set your items as 'Active/Inactive' (allow
    relation/stats to old photo, but show the equipment you currently own
    - Inactive would appear in light-grey in the list).

    - Use 'Note' (or 'Comment') instead of 'Alias'. I use it to show from
    when to when I owned the equipment. This field should be available for
    'Lens' and 'Filter' as well.

    - When you add a Camera, Lens, Film/Media, Filter... you arrive in a
    mess (100s of Manufacturers, Models/Types: duplicates, wrong...). This
    needs a BIG cleaning (and small regular ones) AND some accurate
    indications (what to write, how, format) and examples. This would
    allow a user interested by an item to check pictures taken with this
    item, or ask advice to owners.

    - Use international date format (day/month/year) when asking for the
    purchase date.

    And that's all for me...

    I consider that none of those are important/urgent, and I know that
    you have already a lot of work on other much more important things. It
    may be usefull later on, and it also let you know that we care about
    this site and the good job you have done.

    Thank you very much for this awesome site.

    PS: not 'My workspace', but the 'Older Questions (by category)' in
    this forum do not really filter the threads by category. Cheers : )
  2. og


    Update: I went through the same test with Internet Explorer 6.0. Here are the differences :

    - Interactive photo critique chat room (beta): client seems to be loading forever.

    - Add a folder/roll/photo-CD: is working properly.


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