Suggestions for a good 4 way focus rail?

Discussion in 'Macro' started by david_simon, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Any suggestions for a good quality 4 way focus rail to hold a D500 , 55mm macro and PK-14 extension tube?
  2. I have the Adorama/Phottix/Neewer/<insert re-branded name here> version and it has worked well with a D800e and 105/2.8. I don't think the $650 RRS 4-way rail is worth it. I have attached a QR plate on the bottom for easy mounting on a ballhead and a QR clamp on top to hold the camera and lens. It works reasonably well. The knob movement can be adjusted to your preferred tightness tolerance and can be locked.It is heavy, but it's meant to be mounted on a ballhead/tripod so it's a non-issue.
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    I have a mid-priced "no name brand". Likely one of those suggested above. Cost around AUS $150.00. I have had it for years.

    There was (probably still is) a variance in the quality of those mid priced rails. My advice is get your hands on one before buying - two integral performance issues are:
    > the smoothness of the rack and pinion movements
    > the lack of play in the rail, once it is locked

    I use a Three Way Head - solid (and expensive) Manfrotto to mount my Macro Rails.

    I think that provided the Rails are solid and the locking cams both work properly, then it is the Tripod Head which provides the stability, provided that the Macro Rig is not overly heavy or worked too far off the centre. your D500 55mm Macro and one tube is not a big macro rig.

    I suggest that you need to choose a suitable Tripod Head for your rails: if you don't already have one.

    All that stated, I have found that it is not very often that I NEED to use my rails: for many macro shots the focus can be achieved by moving the tripod and then focusing the lens: if rails are needed, then this is usually for precision work and that's where a stable and precision Tripod Head is very useful; probably necessary


  4. Look identical to mine...
  5. I don't know who they are or where they came from, but Neewer, as said by photogalieries, seems to have lots of low cost accessories these days, such as LINK
    I've bought a couple of Neewer items and they work, but are not "deluxe".

    Adorama also has mid-priced ones for half again as much.

    Adorama and others also sell on eBay

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