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  1. I have a Dell PC, Windows 7, Lr/Ps, Epson SC P800. Print through Ps with Ps managing colors. It suddenly prints yellowish, especially skintones. I ran head cleaning three times and nozzle check four times. There is one 1/8" break in the lines that will not go away, located in the bottom row of the LC section. I ran a full calibration of the monitor and printer with ColorMunki. It still prints with yellowish skin tone. What have I overlooked? Thanks. Steve
  2. Perhaps You have scans of expired Kodak Portra NC160? I have very yellow scans from canon 9000 flatbed and somewhat more color correct ones with minolta scan dual iv.
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  3. I had a similar thing happen last year with my Canon i9900 printer. It's old but still prints well. Suddenly I had a green tint to everything. Looking around on the internet I found reference to this happening with a cracked printer head. It cost me about $110 for a new printer head, and that fixed the problem. It was a gamble, but it paid off- I'm still printing.
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  4. SCL


    I had a similar problem in recently printing my tax was printing yellow. Replaced a tri-color cartridge and all was well.
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  5. I went through 6 head cleaning cycles and the nozzle check finally came out perfect. But it still prints yellow, unless I boost the red by 30 points. Then the skin tones gradations are not smooth.
  6. If the nozzle check is OK, the problem is most likely in the software. If Photoshop manages the colors, you might check to see if you have the right paper choice selected. Also, maybe the Photoshop print options need to be checked.
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  7. I found the problem. I was choosing the wrong paper profile. The one ending in Exhibition Fiber Paper PK v2 is correct. Then, I started choosing the one ending in .icm, which was all wrong and printed terribly. Any Ideas why this is so?? Thanks.
  8. Hi Steve
    That is an interesting problem. As far as .icc vs icm profiles, they should be identical except for the extension according to the International color Consortium per this link:
    ICC Frequently asked questions

    My understanding was the Photoshop did not care and could use either extension as well.

    So there may be three possibilities
    1) the profiles are actually not the same except for the extension
    2) Pilot error and something else was set differently in your workflow
    3) My assumptions based on what I have read is incorrect.

    You did not mention which version of PS you are using.

    If you shared the two files (one icc and one icm) through file sharing link then they could be examined to see if there are any differences by looking inside the file and also run through some special software to see if one contains errors.

    Strange problem and hope these suggestions help.
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