Successful Rokkor Lens Repair

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  1. A short while back I posted here about a used Minolta 58mm lens with stuck aperture blades. Thanks to the tips I received in this forum. and the purchase of an inexpensive lens spanner, I was able to disassemble the lens, carefully clean the aperture blades, and put the darn thing back together. It even works now! Not a big deal to some of you veteran camera guys, but I made a test roll and wanted to share the results of my success.
  2. And I just had to get some pics of the kids to test it. I shot Fuji Superia 200 yesterday. Processed at Costco, scanned by me and an old Canonscan FS2710.
  3. This is a great little park built by the W.P.A. in 1939 during the last Depression. A Natural spring runs through it and there are lots of stone walls, bridges and steps.
  4. Later we decided to celebrate Dad's ingenious repair work at Steak N Shake. With a 58mm 1.4 and the bright SRT viewscreen the lens practically focuses itself.
  5. I gave the camera to my 11 year old daughter to try out. Not bad for starters! She gets very serious when I let her use one of my old heavy cameras.
  6. Later at home my daughter showed me a telescope she likes carrying around to look at things up close. Seems she wants a real telescope for the next birthday, and is fascinated by optics! I wonder where she gets that from? ;)
  7. Great repair job and great photos. Thanks for posting.
  8. I'm impressed.
    Cute kids, too.
  9. "Sitting on the Oak Tree" is beautiful; very creative use of the light throw and shade. It is your forte` so to say! Explore more of those. Thanks for the post. sp
  10. Nice post Russ, and it's so satisfying when a simple repair brings a camera back to life. Great family pics; I like "exercise" and "fascinated". There's nothing quite as photogenic as a redhead!
  11. Congratulations on fixing the Rokkor!
    It appears to be in fine working condition now. Great shots.
    I remember when I was a kid I loved playing with binoculars, magnifying glasses, periscopes and telescopes. I'm sure it has something to do with my interest in cameras now too.
  12. It's a great feeling to bring something back to life again isn't it.
  13. Those are good shots, good job on the repair.
  14. Nice job on the repairs and nice shots as well. Where did you get your spanner? I have an Olympus 50 1.8 with the same problem that I would like to attempt to clean up.
  15. Thanks Gentleman. SP, I will take your advice on my forte! Tom, I got the Spanner on The big auction site. The seller's name is "heavystar" and it only cost around $15 U.S. He has several sizes, but the 3/32 is most useful. It took me about 4 hours to take it apart carefully and clean with Radio Shack CRC Electronics Cleaner. I have a whole bunch of Exakta lenses with sluggish apertures I'm going to work on now. If anybody needs help or tips, please email me directly. Glad to help out!
  16. Many Rokkors are pretty straightforward to repair, especially the normals. It's a great way to get into simple lens repair. Others are a tougher, but until you get to the wides or zooms, they're not monsters. The 58/1.4 is also the first Rokkor I repaired. Excellent pics, too.

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