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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by John Peri, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. "Your account will be billed yearly, the next charge will be 06/26/2018" .. appears under subscription renewal.

    Do we still have the option to decide on a yearly basis?

    Thank you, John
  2. "appears under subscription renewal."
    at least you have a link for this option... Where do you find it?
  3. ... in "my account"
  4. No such thing in My Account. Maybe I have been granted a life membreship. I mean life of Photonet.
    At least the "show nudes" button is working
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  5. If my subscription "automatically renews" I will "manually un-renew it". This site is BROKEN!
  6. I can't find it under "Account" either - I do recall once seeing it and even asked about it in the forum.

    Now the only way I can find it is through a search: Search our Community |

    Maybe the link only becomes visible when ones subscription runs out.
  7. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    I think it depends on how you paid and when. For various reasons I paid a couple of years ahead via PayPal. All I have is an option to renew.
  8. "Maybe the link only becomes visible when ones subscription runs out."
    ...and members have had time to cool off without pushing the red button
  9. After you sign in and click on your avatar,the scroll down menu has ''your account'' on top of the options;click on this and(in my case)what comes up is either of two pages:Your account setting which has three sections...Control your account/Your info-account details/Account security and the other page titled ''Edit account info'' which was the first one available when the site was upgraded(?) and on which the only country you can enter is USA.On the bottom left of this page,in blue characters are three options:change password/update security question/renew paid membership.Click this and you have the rate of $29.95.....and in light/pale color just underneath ''Your account will be billed yearly''.I do not know how to bring up this specific page,but if you keep clicking,it eventually pops up. Hope this helps-Laurent
  10. "and the other page titled ''Edit account info''
    No such page for me.
    This is a quantum website ..
  11. Didier,I just checked and this page came up for me....go figure???
  12. The subject matter seems to have been discussed in more detail in another thread

    ... How do I Unsubscribe?

    ... I do think it is important that we maintain the option to renew automatically or not.
  13. I see no way to unsubscribe (or to renew my subscription) on my account page.
  14. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    In v2, we have yet to hit an anniversary date but when that happens - 30 days prior to expiration of the subscription - subscribers will get an automated email stating that their account is set up on auto renew (again this is for those that renewed on v2 not v1), and provide a link to their MyAccount section where they can opt-out of renewal. If your subscription was in v1 - auto renewal was not a feature so you would have had to input your CC information each time you wanted to renew.

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