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  1. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

    Canon 1 sm 2
  2. A great look back, as always. Especially enjoyed the 400mm article. This design along with preset diaphragm was around for many years and the uncomplicated design allowed it to be adapted to virtually every 35mm SLR.
    Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks, Marc!
  4. Thanks, Marc! Several gems in these magazines. The submini and half-frame series are great (the Pen F was "coming"). The format comparison is also a good piece on the technical side.

    I especially liked the Gordon Cooper and Cuba pieces.
  5. Mike - Weren't the 400mm lenses called "girl watchers"? That might be from a Spiratone ad.

    Dave - You are welcome.

    Julio - The format comparison was interesting. I had two Pen FTs. I sold them and went to full format once I started doing my own darkroom work. I like anything that has to do with the astronauts and the space program. The Cuba article was good in showing how hard it was for photographers in some countries to get needed equipment.
  6. Marc, I think another vendor sold them under that name. I can't recall the name at the moment, but I remember the ad had a photo of a young lady holding the lens (with optional pistol grip) attached to the lens, The magnification, btw, of the 400mm is 8 times that of a 50mm lens, which is the kind of magnification one would get from binoculars.
    Spiratone, btw, seemed to have the most complete line of 400mm accessories.
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  7. AS always, thanks for doing this, BUT

    It was NOT Spira that used the "Girlwatcher" line, it was for a lens called the Astronar at Sterling-Howard who had even trademarked the term:

  8. The 400mm and 500mm preset lenses were of course a bargain in their day and even more so today as they haven't achieved "cult status" like some classic gear. I think most of the 400mm lenses were of a four element design. Not sure about the 500. In an earlier thread I told how I got my 400, but the 500mm that I have (an Astronar I think) was given to me by someone who bought it at an estate sale but was unable to use it. Apparently the original owner didn't use it much as it still looks new.
  9. He didn’t have many girls on his street!
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