Stupid overused cliches in photography

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by ruslan, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. That is not nonsence, because there are other threads online about overused and dated cliches (earthy cast, feet with touristic BG, on and so on). And they were not started by me - they were started by different authors. If you don't see that thousands of people copycat each other this is your problem.
  2. Win a contest on Viewbug or make your work be published in National Geographic.
    You have not ever seen the works I told about. I do not shoot tits, nor asses, not penises, etc. I do a useful curator's work and teach.
    I wonder why you write here your idiotic assumptions and I am shocked by your unability of using Google to find what I really do,
    I have several people among my friends whose works were published in Italian Vogue.
    Their opinion has much more credit to me.
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  3. They are NOT cliches, they are subjects. Find out what cliche really means.
    I also feel bored to stay on this site which seems to become more and more toxic. I feel frustated to see how pretentious idiots (with pretentious nicknames) out of the stuff like illiterate posts and comments in this thread.
    So I say goodbye to the forum for good! I have a lot to do today!
  4. Post an award winning photo and let us decide.
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  5. Chill out, both of you, PLEASE!!!
  6. ruslan rakhmatov does produce mesmerizing beautiful photos. His credentials are solid & his work is impressive.. imo.
    It is consistent, polished, predictable & formulaic in style. As a professional that is not a bad thing. Many pros rely on the sort of funneled consistency that ruslan exhibits. The benefits of this kind of consistency usually outweigh the disadvantage. The downside is when the style becomes less expansive, a one trick pony & a cliche of your own work... lack of original thought.
    Many PNers probably would, could appreciate his insights... Unfortunately it comes with a looking down the nose attitude for other perspectives.
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  7. My bad Ruslan Lavrentyev is not ruslan rakhmatov. I take it back, mostly. Rakhmatov is notable.
  8. I saw the profile of a ruslan on ViewBug. He won 3521 awards! I think I will win exactly zero awards with my crappy cell phone photos on ViewBug.
  9. Maybe you would Supriyo. Viewbug awards (likes, potw etc) are in abundance some well over 100,000 awards. You have5000+. and If you did win you don't come across as someone who would use it as proof of your debate point, agenda.
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  10. members with
  11. Thanks Inoneeye. I now understand what they refer to as awards, are probably similar to our likes, although there seems to be a separate 'love' button there as well.
  12. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
  13. Where is the Likes/Awards Exchange?
    What is the current exchange rate?
    Do I get to thank God, My Family, and the Academy?

  14. glad to see that the irony didn't slip past.
  15. It did. :)
  16. I thought so... as did your meaning & intent.
  17. Meaning and intent are sometimes purposefully slippery, or even unknown. In a way, this can be the opposite of but also similar to cliché, obfuscating slipperiness as opposed to the transparency of cliché, but both often obvious.

  18. "Meaning and intent are sometimes purposefully slippery, or even unkown"

    Unfortunately unoriginal obfuscating & snarky replies Are a cliche around here.
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