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Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by Gerald Cafferty, May 8, 2022.

  1. The Ducks are taking over!
  2. Eponymous Geese taking over in Vancouver
  3. Nice shot, Mike. I took some similar shots of a partially hidden statue/deity I called

    The Reluctant Madonna
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  4. God in the house, God in the wood
  5. yesterday Sunday. Slovak demonstration in Madrid.
    700_5139---a.JPG Nikkor AF-S 85 on D700
  6. I am getting old. I don't know why I wrote Slovak when I meant Russian.
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  7. Luis, are they pro-Putin?
  8. same "pan-slavic" colors except for the shield on the Slovak flag, for that matter.
  9. I think I'm confused again. Enlarging this photo I see the flag of horizontal stripes with the color below ORANGE, which I think is the flag of Armenia. The red flag surely answers your question. :(
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  10. "I think I'm confused again "luis.

    I'm totally confused by the flag thing. Methinks, dropping bombs on folks, is just murder to my mind.

    Is that where Politicians have taken us to. How sad.

    I suppose they can justify murder. I suppose "jack the ripper" could also justify his murders.
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  11. Has anyone, yet, met a poor Politician ,on benefits? You never will;))
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  12. You're joking, right?
  13. Nothing in Luis's description of the rally scene would support the accusation that he accepts Russia's attack on Ukraine. Blithering on at any chance about the evils of war has never stopped one.
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  14. "Blithering on at any chance about the evils of war has never stopped one" Eric.

    Are you so sure? Think Vietnam.

    Lots of blithering which led to mass protests. Politicians actually do listen to blithering ( as you put it ;))) for them its all about the votes.

    ",on benefits?
    You're joking, right?"

    got be haven't I.

    Enough, time for another photo.

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