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  1. Hi there!
    I've been looking to study photography in NYC area, for example the New York Film Academy and Fashion Institute of Technology. I would like to know if anyone has been studying in the area and if you may recommend any other schools? I would like to get as much information about what it's like to study in New York City and what Your experience has been like/ or is.
  2. School of Visual Arts and International Center of Photography.
  3. The Fashion Institute of Photography has a very good program in commercial Photography one of the best programs I have come accross in a long time. It wasn't allways like that, about 15 years ago the Photography program at FIT is one of the last I would recommend, but they seemed to have revamped the whole thing to keep up with modern times.
    The biggest problem you are going to find in studying in NY is Housing. Trying to find cheap housing is going to be a major headache. Unless you are very lucky you will probably need to find housing in the outlying suburbs of Brooklyn, Quens, Long Island, Staten Island and The Bronx. The reason why I say that is because housing in Manhattan where the college is located is very expensive. Even if you have deep pockets there is the availability problem. Getting around NYC is not exactly a piece of cake. You might as well forget about driving into Manhattan unless you are a seasoned driver that knows their way around, but there is allways public transportation.
  4. Parsons has a superb reputation in the art world, painting, etc. In 1970, Parsons became part of the New School, an excellent academic institution. I have friend who got his Master's Degree there in psychology, another who teaches there in sociology. Both have been happy there. Parsons has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, which I don't know specifically, but it would be worthwhile to check it out (link).
  5. Thank you Harry for the information. My main concern is which is the BEST place to study in the City, not so much how to get around. I have read some good things about the New York Film Academy and see that some graduates are doing really well. I didn't actually think that the Housing would be such a big problem, but I will keep that in mind, thank you. I know that NYFA has kind of its own housing. I have also heard that they will do their best to help their students with all concerns (as I'm sure so does other places).
    I will have a look at the Parsons website, thank you Hector.
    Does anyone have opinions about the NYU?

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