StudioHut SH-FB-FEX150

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  1. Hello:

    I got a little carried away with an online auction and purchased several sets of studio flashes -- StudioHut FEX 150's.

    I do not have any documentation and am trying to determine my best options for using with a Canon 70D. Would appreciate it if someone can direct me to a manual or other guide for using these units -- how to set them, best way to trigger, and best set up for using several at the same time. XfQn9Ez3SsGtQkk%7Jd9lA.jpg


  2. Well, it's going to be near-impossible to give a lighting 101 course in any reasonably short response here.

    I suggest you do a search for lighting tutorials and study those.

    What I can help with in a brief response is two words: Radio triggers.
    I can heartily recommend YongNuo RF603 C triggers. They're compact, reasonably priced and reliable.

    Everything else depends on the subject and mood you're trying to invoke.

    Oh, BTW, you won't get any flash exposure automation at all with those FEX 150 units. If that's what you're hoping for you'll be disappointed. Everything will have to be set manually, including the camera ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I suggest fixing the shutter speed at 1/160th for use with radio triggers and a Canon camera.
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  3. Thank you for the suggestion for Radio Triggers.

    I kind of figured I would be shooting manual with these lights. I am not so much looking for direction on how to shoot with flash -- I agree that I can research that and it will take some experimentation. What I am looking for is a manual or other guide to how these lights work and how they have been designed to work together. Hoping someone out there has these lights and can share the manual or other information.


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