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  1. Hi, I just bought an old Heiland-Strobonar 1 flash pack and have learned it was powered by 2 Willard wet cell batteries. My question is, does anyone have info on these batteries? They didn't come with the flash pack so I dont have a part number or dimensions on them. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. That's a serious oldie. I would not power that up without checking, and probably replacing, the capacitors. Caps that old are very likely dried out to the point of being dangerous.
    As for the battery, good luck on finding a wet battery in this world.
  3. If you dive deep into Butkus' site: they are described as 4V 6Ah (Willard ER-6-2B) If you don't need many flashes at once, I'd recommend trying out 6 Sub C cells charged externally as a substitute. But yes, I do second Charles' safety concerns!
  4. Thank you both for the responses. Those caps will indeed be checked, there are 2 the size of big salt shakers in the storage side. This is what I was told by a radio guy, "Dry cells cannot deliver the current requirement of the high voltage oscillator that charges the energy storage capacitor". Is this not true with NiCad sub c batts?
    Jochen, Butkus is a great site, you must be a better diver than I am, I couldn't find anything but instructions on filling the batteries.
  5. You can find 8 volt SLA batteries on Ebay..if you can fit in it the unit, you'd be good to go.
  6. Since this was an interesting question, I did some research...Steve, has some 4 volt 4.5 amp gel cells for $6.85 each.

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