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  1. Ptilostomis larva (caddisfly) on pond bottom
    ptilostomis head macro.JPG
  2. Drying Coprinus sp. gill edge recurving back into a leaf.

    Macro stripes2921.JPG
  3. Very cool! The leaf adds a colorful contrast.
  4. Thanks Edwin. Instead of the usual deliquescing, these gill edges dried and curled in the heat. Many lifted in a layer from the cap. Yes, it was very cool.
  5. yes it is ... and thanks for the compliment
  6. FAB50D3A-B70C-486E-AADA-3077162FE0E1.jpeg EF100mm f/2.8 on EOS R
  7. compass
    0004MAC Verde-Negro Flecha 360 Brújula-Micro-Nikkor55-Reversed+PK13.jpg Micro-Nikkor-P 55 (reversed) + PK13 ring on D200
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  8. Posted in error.

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