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  1. I think its time again for some more street photography photos. So I'll get it started. Mine were all taken with the 40mm limited in downtown Los Angeles. Call me lazy, but none were retouched much more than minor level adjustment and a little sharpening, if that.
  2. OK, lazy. ;~) Which is to say, I think it would be fun to tweak these--especially 4 & 6: nice composition & color. Unfortunately, "Goddess with a Star Bag" (#2) may be incurably soft. I went out shooting with a friend on Saturday but these probably don't really fall in the "Street" category. Our assignment was to photograph specific sites so I wasn't in a true street-shoot mind-set. It did give me a chance to work wider than I usually do, though.
  3. I even broke out the Sigma 10-20mm--it really helps when you're dodging telephone poles and traffic signs. You have to think of the distortion as a feature, not a bug.
  4. That's tru street photography, Jemal. <br>
    I have it on my to do list for ages, but never come around to it. Except for this lucky one, last week. A snapshot really. I was photographingI came across this fella, tailing his parents and feeling cold and somewhat unhappy. I snapped him while I passed him by, and his parents didn't even notice. <br> <br>
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/user/oshi/small/4467803/full/">
    Feeling small in a big world
  5. Don't know what went wrong. Try again: <br> <br>
    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/3EC6A585545A3B222E6CE7D5815CB5A4.jpg">
  6. I guess what makes these "not-street" in my mind is the absence of people.
  7. The 'Severinsbrücke' bridge in Cologne. Taken with K20D at ISO 3200 and DA*16-50.
  8. I seem to have a different understanding of street photography and prefer to see photos presented "in the best possible light & post processing". It may sound harsh in this friendly forum but I often wish for a little bit more constructive and honest and maybe therefore unpopular criticism instead of quick hurrahs to anything made with a Pentax.
  9. Didn't we have a contest about photos of "photographers at work" for the end of November?
  10. When there's smoke there's fire, and there's nothing like a good plume of smoke to bring out the worst in a photographer! I happened to have my MX under the scooter's saddle, with the last pic of an Ilford HP5+ roll. (and by the way: that was just the load of a truck that caught fire, so nothing too serious here...)
  11. Marvelous shot O'Shiva. Without doubt my favorite here so far. Composition, subject and background
    makes it interesting. It tells a story about a boy. Which story is up to the viewer to determine. I like
    those types of pictures.
  12. Awesome thread Jemal...I have not had much time to go street shooting and I miss it. Here is one from about a
    month ago I believe. There is something precious about a mom and her child.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/strangerscaptured17.jpg">
  13. O Shiva - awesome! My favorite so far.
    Javier - very tender.
    Markus - I agree. I don't mind criticism of my work. My goal is to get better in this hobby. In fact, had I been able to go back and edit my first post I would have deleted several photos. The only ones I actually like are #1 because of the sign of water on a dry street, #4 - which I actually did process the colors to get rid of a horrible yellow cast from the indoor lighting, but I wold have cropped it more to focus just on the dude and female in the wheel chair, and #6. I did also try to post the "I haven't had any sleep and have been up and can barely keep my eyes open" disclaimer, but it failed. lol. I really only wanted to start the thread with the hopes of seeing such great photos as everyone has uploaded.
  14. I don't get out and do much as I live in a small town but here is one I took a while ago I am going out today to pick up my new printer so I might get a few shots out and about.
  15. One from Boston last week..
  16. One from Australia.. Not till I looked at the photo at home did I notice the strap on the camera.. Pentax!!
  17. Why is this not uploading?
  18. A young lady in Baltimore
  19. One more from a beach in Australia
  20. Great street shooting Haig, I especially like the pentaxian. I keep wondering when I will see a picture of me is someones street shooting captures. lol
  21. Hehehe.. thx Javier, I am sure you are already on several people's computers.. they just haven't posted them yet :)
  22. I caught this one today it seems a truck moving a house took a corner too sharp and the boys in blue had to control the traffic.
  23. When there is hardly any Fuel it seems like the best time to do repairs.
  24. What do you all consider as street photography? I think there is the art of learning how to shoot your camera and frame the shot without being able to look through the view finder so that you can capture the moment without drawing attention to yourself. But more than that I think it involves catching people going about the activities of their dily lives. Optimally, they photo should try to tell a story. What's your position?
  25. ''I think it involves catching people going about the activities of their dily lives. Optimally, they photo should try to tell a story. What's your position?''

    This is what I would consider street shooting.
  26. Certainly people won't all agree on the definition of 'street photography'. Within my personal not-so-well-thought-out definition, many of the pictures posted in this thread wouldn't qualify. A few of these like the fire & truck accident seem more photo-journalistic to me. O Shiva's little boy is a great picture (love the mittens) but doesn't really seem all that 'street' to me. Some of these are more like 'cityscape' shots--landscapes that happen to be in the city.
    My working definition of street photography (again, rules not all that clearly defined...) isn't going to admit too many beach shots, though my way of thinking on that is probably colored by the fact that for where I live, streets and beaches are more distinct--if one lives in a place where boardwalks are more central to daily life one might think differently. I think there needs to be a certain amount of candidness to the shot as well--not that the subject can't be looking at the photographer but it probably shouldn't come across as overly posed. Shots of your friends or family out on the street will probably fail the test if the familiarity comes through in the image.
    I guess the image posted here that seems most 'street' to me is probably Markus' Zurich shot. Jemal's #4 kind of works for me too in this regard.
    I looked through my already-posted Flickr pictures and this is probably the closest that I have posted right now--though I consider it kind of borderline 'street'. In a sense, the attention I gave to the lighting and reflection tend to distract from its also-present 'slice of life' aspect:
    Rafiqi's Delicious Experience Meatwagon [Optio A30]
    So for the moment, one of my street photography characteristics would be 'slice of life'--not too different than what Javier said, I guess.
  27. Did you say street photography?

  28. Andrew, others...These are my opinions and should not be considered Gospel...

    Now that I have a little more time I will try and lay out ''my definition'' which is very close to Jemal and Andrews.
    Using what has been posted in this thread, I would say that Jemals number 4 is an excellent example of street photography. It is not simply a ''snap shot'' but it is photograph..It is well framed, well composed and tells a story. You have what appears to be is a man taking care of his wife in a wheel chair...This is ONE example and type that I like....

    Another would be ''Eike'' Photograph....That fellow on the bike makes the image...With out that guy, this would be another boring bridge image shot at night...Instead we have a photograph that has intensity to it. A closer look at the image would seem to indicate there is a car right behind him, although it is likely on a different lane. Still, I would not be caught riding my bike on that bridge at night...Atleast not where I live.

    Another I really like is ''Markus'' first shot. There is nothing about that photograph that i don't like. It shows a well composed and framed shot of everyday life.

    I love Haigs Pentaxian. Shows a fellow out there having a great time firing away...Again well framed and composed..I also love his beach shot from Australia. It shows a very tender moment with out revealing to much...

    Andrew's image is also very good. Well composed showing everyday life and as a bonus, we have the symmetrical thing going on. The only thing I would have changed is to crop out the two ladies to the right, or darkened them up a tad to make the image a little less busy and put the emphasis back to the out door eating place...

    On the other hand, if I may add a little CC, Lets take Daves image of ''The Old Keswick Police Station '' The image in itself is a very well exposed shot...Infact it is very nice. But IMO there are two things going on with this image. With out Dave mentioning that it was a police station, I would not have known that. Hence I would have waited for a police man to come into the picture, hopefully with a prisoner going in handcuffed. If that was not an option, then I would have to wait until those two cars where gone and out of the picture...

    I have far to many great images of buildings and missions and different things, but are boring because they lack life, they lack substance..Often times, I will have one of kids or wife pose for me, just to add an element to what I am shooting....My wife also loves street shooting, so we often go out together...

    A good street shot as Andrew noted, should be candid, framed, composition should be thought to some extent and make it a photograph, not a Snap shot...

    Personally, I do not like to shoot people for the sake of shooting people...Even though I go to the beach allot as I like walking the pier and boardwalks, I don't believe in shooting girls or guys in bikinis, I do not like to shoot homeless folks (if anything, I make it a point to help them as much as I can), I don't like shooting kids I don't know, but when I do, I will show the parents the image and at that point ask them if they would like me to delete it or e mail it to them.. But as a rule, I try not to shoot kids..

    I think there is a real ''ART'' to street shooting..Capturing strangers is not as easy as it looks. Infact it is very hard and at times, you will be caught and as jeff Crister puts it (who by the way, is an excellent street shooter) you get those I am going to give you a butt kicking look...but those turn out to be some of the best captures....

    Anyway, I would say, if you have never done it or tried it, then you have no idea what your missing. It really is allot of fun. just be careful and be ready to run... 8~) LOL...
  29. Here are some I have posted before, but thought I would further explain my position.

    This image I believe would be very boring with out the person on the left looking up at me.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/IMGP0832.jpg">

    How about some graffiti artist.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/captured.jpg">

    Here is one that the 700pix wide hurts, but I sat there and waited and framed the girl in the image to this hallway.
    The large image looks allot better. This was shot with film TMAX 400 film
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/700strangers25.jpg">

    I e mailed this image to these folks.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/700strangers41.jpg">

    I printed this in 11x14'' for these folks as well..I love this image.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/700strangers43.jpg">
  30. [​IMG]
    Javier's 1 and 4 are excellent as is Andrew's shot. I love the dialogue here on this topic. I am trying to refine what my idea of street shooting and art looks like. For me, it is the shot that is hastily grabbed with little to no framing except by feel as to what should look right. I actually walk around sometimes just clicking away without ever checking the photos until afterward or checking the preview screen to make adjustments for lighting issues. A very haphazard approach to be sure. But photographing people without their knowledge allows for a much better "slice of life" then having them she you and pose or shy away from the frame. I want the grit too, but haven't yet figured out how to capture it. I am getting better at the story telling aspect. Framing is of course easier, at least for me, when using a long zoom lens. I struggle with the wideness of the 28mm, 40mm and 50mm because for me it is harder to frame and still capture the magic of the moment. Those lengths seem better suited for the walking and clicking approach. Experimenting with the 40mm for the last week has taught me that it is a difficult length to work with. To wide for some things and too narrow for others. Seems best suited for intimate environments where I know the subject. Next week is 50mm week for comparison.
    I shy away from children, and the homeless. There is something unseemly about photographing them. I have taken shots of children, but they truly have to be extra ordinary before I even bother to invade that space. As for the homeless it seems degrading. We are more apt to invade that space because we feel they lack the dignity for us to respect it. We snap away at homeless people with no regard for having them chastise us, but we'd never take the same photo of a man in a business suit.
  31. I like your definition and approach Javier--you really nailed it. Perhaps, some shots may tell a story and
    others entice the viewer to imagine the story so that the viewer is engaged in the creative process.
  32. Here are more from Olvera Street. The first is a couple who were actually walking towards me talking and the wife noticed me taking her picture, so I was CAUGHT! She was actually pretty cool and told her husband what I did and started fake posing for me, but wouldn't actually pose for a picture. I played it off and said that I didn't shoot her but would if she posed. lol. The second is also a photo of two women engrossed in a deep conversation on their way to lunch. The processing is not the best as my son broke my windows machine, and I'm now forced to use iphoto. These were shot using the 40mm limited and heavily cropped. No flash.
  33. Jemal, to me those two are great captures!. By the way, in my experience, when I have been caught, I simply smile at them and all all is cool. I will also often make a comment, like ''sorry, but I love to shoot beautiful things'' which is true in all cases because all women are beautiful and should be treated as such. Now when I got caught shooting men, I run... LOL...

    Going back to what you said about telephoto lenses, I have found that wide lenses work best for me.
    Like my Sigma 10-20 or 16-50mm lens because they allow me to frame a person on the outside edge
    of the frame while shooting the ''noun'' dead center..I shoot at F/8 to F/11 and have the picture in good focus.
    I have also found my G9 to be a great street shooting camera as it does not attract attention like a DSLR does and especially one with a telephoto lens.
  34. Here is one from a couple of weeks back.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/IMGP3032.jpg">
  35. One more stranger from the same lake as above.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/IMGP3173.jpg">
  36. Javier - I definitely agree that the wide angle has its advantage of being able to frame the subject way off center. My 28mm f2.0 is great for that as is the 18-55 kit lens. (I don't have a wider lens... :( ) But give me my 135mm f2.5 and I'm able to grab the shot without intruding, particularly where I need a close up facial. You bring up an interesting point though, my canon IS point and shot has a 360mm zoom (or so) and may make for better street shooting in that respect. Not as big and imposing with a great zoom and decent low light /fast aperture. Only problem is I lose raw, since it has manual mode. Maybe its time to consider switching to it for some of the street shooting as a test. The K10D is defintely big (and gotten bigger since my grip arrived last night) and intimidating. People were actually stopping and not walking by me and my friend since they didn't want to be in the frame. lol. If they only knew that we actually wanted them in to make the photos interesting...p.s. love photo 2 of the fisherman.
  37. Jemal,
    I have been pondering over to the ''new LA LIVE'' that just got up and running. Have you been their? Wondering what parking is like.
  38. These next two were shot by my friend Reggie with a a Nikon D40. I have not retouched them. Both are interesting street photography shots I think, but not not because they are street photography per se. The first shot is a picture of me taking a picture hence the pentax tie in...lol. The second is interesting because I am in the photo, but as a foil for him grabbing the shot of the women in front of me or vice versa. Maybe they were the basis for him trying to snap me. In any event, I make the second one less street because I am in on it and clowning around a bit. Had I been oblivious or played it straight, then it is a perfect shot because the ladies knew we were together and just assumed he was shooting me and not them.
    Jemal and K10D & AF540fzg
  39. Javier,
    I'm thinking of buying a G9 because it has a longer telephoto than the 10. Do you use the wide angle or the telephoto? I've not had much success getting street pictures with people with a wide angle.
  40. OH HOW COOL . a new tool bar.
    Howard, I had a G10 for a few days before I took it back. The reason I wanted it was for the wider lens, but it really was not on the level of the G9 image quality wise and noise wise. When street shooting, to capture strangers, I usually use the wide end, but on occasion the the mid to long end comes in handy. Infact, I got a few good ones today, but left my G9 in my car, so I will post the images tomorrow..
    There really is an ART to street shooting folks, but it is very exciting and very cool...
  41. Here is an image with the G9
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Strangers/strangerscaptured5.jpg">
  42. I was trying to convince my friend to go to live instead of Olvera street haven't been there. Trying to make it our next thursday shooting spot.
  43. I can't figure out how to post images anymore. ''HELP''
  44. I need to test drive that new toolbar as well :)
  45. I think you have to click the html button on the right.
  46. Javier,
    This is the type of shot I like (who wouldn't?). Would the G9 be appropriate?
  47. Help! I can't upload my photo. I don't have a website.
  48. Howard, Not sure if a g9 would be optimal, as there is no context to the image. I would say most any telephoto would capture that image. Nice capture by the way.
  49. Howard, other...Here are some street shots of strangers all taken today with my G9 (SORRY) ..
    Here is where a wider angle would have helped. She was about 4 feet to the left of me. I was focused on the singers and moved over to the left to fit her in the frame...
    In thid image, I was focused on the snow cone machine and positioned my self and lens to capture her on the right...Makes this image more interesting as oppsed to just shooting the snow cone machine.
    In this one I ficused on the shoes. dead center while capturing this beauty on the right..
    This is a small crop as there was another person on the right. I was focused in on the purse...
  50. Here this fellow was looking at his news paper. Later found out he was choosing horses..
    This fellow was painting a house...Boring image as I should have also captured what he was painting...
  51. TA DAAHH!
  52. Portarit style?, Those I do not do to many of. But certaily a Telephoto would be the way to go then..
  53. Well, since this thread is still going, let me post a few I took today at the parade:
  54. I was using the DA 55-300mm, BTW.
  55. It was freezing! I brought the 31mm but my fingers were too numb to attempt a lens change.
  56. My favorite of the day.
  57. Rats! I forgot to brighten and sharpen them after resizing>
  58. I wonder if this shot will pass Andrew's Street Test...? :)

  59. How 'bout this one?

  60. @Dave, Now we are talking?....That Happy Girl is ''brilliant'' and what I believe the spirit of street photography is...How did it feel purposely shooting strangers?
    @Mis, Love the first one and again a very, very good street shot...Gosh, everytime I see pictures of Boston, it makes me want to fly down to visit, but then I remember that the Celtics reside there...;-)
  61. Shooting strangers at a public event like that is pretty easy for me--much more so than as people go about their business. Also, that lens is pretty inconspicuous (as compared to the Sigma 70-200mm, for example.)
    Still, I'm not sure this guy wanted his picture took ;~)
  62. And--as long as I'm going all B&W:
  63. Hey, who's the guy with the camera?!
    Awesome shot, Dave! And a thumbs up for the nice B&W conversion; did you play with it or did it just turn out that way?
  64. Dave, Love the
    Watching from the window
    Brilliant capture and composition...​
  65. Thanks, guys! I played with it, Mis--I've figured out that B&W isn't just a matter of clicking a button. Maybe I made it a bit too dark though.
    "Watching" is a bit of a challegne: strange colors for one thing. I also feel the need for that software (maybe PSE can do it) that I can use to square up the window. I have two theories about the kid: either he's too smart to come out in the cold or he weighs 800lbs and couldn't if he wanted to.
  66. Dave, I don't know if you could square up that window. The bottom looks pretty straight.
    Here is a bus stop pick I took passing through ELA.
    Bus stop picks always make for good street photos. What I like about this one are all the billboards. In ELA, everything is a bill board ..

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