strange problem with Lightroom 2

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jr stevens, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi all , I shot some pics today on my canon 40D at setting jpeg small (1936 x 1288) and then imported them into lightroom just to do some minor adjustments like cropping. when i exported them into my pictures folder however they had grown to about a6 MB file size and were 6000 x 4000 pixels! what happened?
  2. Not a Canon shooter here, but I'm guessing you just increased the compression, but not the resolution. That would make for a smaller size file on your card (compressed), but still open to full resolution.
    A sort of tangential question that came to my mind was, if you're using LR, where's the advantage in shooting a jpg, at all? Shoot raw, have waaaay more control, and out put whatever size image you want. Takes the same amount of time, and if you get something worth saving, you've actually got something worth saving. If not, hit the delete button, plus one click and you're back where you started... t
  3. What size were they when you imported them?
    What Import settings are you using (including under Preferences)?
    What exactly did you do to them in LR?
    What are the settings in the Export dialog box, including Quality?
    Did you resize upon Export?
  4. What are your export settings?
    First place to check..
  5. I exported them as 100% quality jpegs? all i did to them was change the white balance..why would that increase a small jpeg to such a large jpeg file after export?
  6. John, you probably didn't have the "Don't Enlarge" checkbox activated.
  7. nothing to do with your problem..but why shoot as jpeg (small?), change the white balance and resaved them as jpeg?.. im sure you are aware of the lost of quality doing so..
    If you end up opening your image in a raw processor, why dont sue the raw format? or at least use the auto or correct white balance in camera at first?.. just curious.
    As for your problem, i will say a different compression can change the weight of you image, and maybe you enlareg your image in your export dialogue?

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