Storing Methods of Film Developing Chemicals

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  1. Hello again,

    I think it don't have brand, at least I never saw it.
    You cam fill it up by the hole after remove the tap.

  2. The stop bath removes (clean) the developer from de negative.
    It's a very dilueted acid solution, and it take very long do spend a bottle.
    I bought 1lt of aceptic acid and use it for years.
    So, for me it's not justify to store stop bath, and you will contamin the next negative.
  3. This is one option. There are others. It is a good idea.
  4. Expensive!! For that price should be full of wine :).
    In my local store it's about €0.90.
  5. Well, you are getting 5 bags, but it's still a fair point. :)

    A box of Franzia costs about the same, and then you have the box... and the wine.

    This is seriously a good idea. I wonder how well the bags hold up over time. It's perfect for XTOL which comes in a powdered form that makes 5 Liters.

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