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  1. I have an album of 50 year old 8x10 wedding photos. The album they were stored in has started to deteriorate in that some of the page sleeves have become greasy, and some of that has gotten on the photos. They seem to clean easily with a damp cloth.
    The images are now digitized, but I would like to save the originals. They are pictures that will not see frequent viewing. So, what would be best? I see options for archival boxes where I can lay the naked prints flat inside. If I go that route would paper interleaves be a good idea or an unncessary expense? Another option is to use PrintFile sleeves and put them in some sort of binder, but should that be a post binder or a D ring binder? Is another option to be considered?
    Appreciate any insight and TIA.
  2. Fiber based prints or resin coated (RC) color/bw?
    Can you be more specific about the "greasy" substance. From what does the "grease" originate? And how exactly did it migrate to the photos?
  3. Thanks fr the reply.
    It is clear, feels greasy/tacky, seems to be at least slightly water soluble, and the plastic sleeves seem to be exuding it rather than from the photos. It smells like old movie film. It is both outside of the sleeve and within it, though more on the outside. It does not cover the whole sleeve, maybe only 10-20% of the area , enough to make it very difficult to remove the pictures fro the sleeve, and to get my fingers sticky.
    The paper is 54 yrs old and comes from a pro wedding photog, for the color prints has a texture and some thickness to it, fiber based I believe. The back is watermarked "KODAK PAPER." The BnW paper has no markings. All images are semi gloss. It seems to be worse on the color photos, but is present on both BnW and color.
    I definitely think it is coming from the sleeve rather than the photo, so that is why I want to move the pix out of the sleeves ino a box or a binder, ie before they're damaged.
  4. Albums with archival polypropylene sleeves do not use plasticizers. Older vinyl sleeves used abundant amounts of plasticizers, which eventually bleeds out.
  5. does that sound like what I am describing?
    And re storage, is it a coin flip between the two options, ie boxing vs polypro sleeves and binder?
  6. I'd be reluctant to pack them up in polypropylene sleves since whatever happened may have migrated to the prints and I think they are better off breathing.
    Fiber prints would be more likely to absorb whatever made them sticky and besides, they may not have been archival washed in the first place.
    Stacked in acid free boxes with an acid free sheet between prints would be my choice.
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  7. Thank, Niels, that makes sense.
  8. Me too.
  9. alright! Thanks for the info. That was my original thought also, it's just simpler, and effective. People are going to only view them online anyway until someone is going through our stuff when we're gone, then it's their problem what to do with them. ;)

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