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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by austinboothphoto, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Hi, i already have a website but have been looking at starting to sell prints online. I have an epson r2400 printer so i would be doing up to
    13x19 prints myself so i don't need a print and ship service like imagekind, just a service to process orders for me. I don't know if i will
    even sell any prints so i cannot afford to do anything with any monthly fees or upfront costs. A service that collects a commission would
    be ok though as long as it is reasonable. Also i planned on just using paypal so i don't have to process credit cards and i'd like to avoid the
    yearly cost for an ssl certificate.

    My wife uses etsy for her craft items and they charge a small insertion fee and 3.5% commission on sales similar to ebay. However, etsy
    seems more geared toward handicrafts than photos. Is there anything like that for photography? Another thing i was looking at was
    integrating osCommerce into my website as a cart because it is free and having it use pay pal to check out. Has anyone used that or any
    other free open source cart programs? How difficult is it for someone with intermediate html/css skills but no php/java programming
    skills to set up? Any other ideas? Thanks.
  2. Check out Photobiz or Express Digital/Photoreflect

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