Stomped with a 6x9 Foth Rollfilm Camera

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  1. I found one of these and based on web information, it dates from about 1927. It is pretty interesting, especially the preset focus mechanism, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to open the back, and I am afraid of damaging it.

    I thought of all the usual suspects, hinged button under the hand strap, hidden bump on the leatherette, even pullout of bellows and front standard outside of the body ala Kodak style but no luck.

    I am looking carefully at the seams and there seem to be a gap between the bottom plate, with a spring lever inside the body, but it doesn't seem to release anything. Any Ideas anyone?

  2. Is there a little metal knob under the leather handle you could push down on? Just looking at one on eBay and I can see the knob and catch.

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  3. I've found another model, probably the one you have. It has an explanation of how to open the back, courtesy of Wish 4 Leica.

    "Never opened a Foth folding? On the left hand inside is a small lever. When pushed the back can be taken off."
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  4. If there's no top or bottom hinge, then the side probably slides out as below. I've no idea what releases this; could it just be a friction fit?

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  5. Where the arrow points, push the lever

    Foth opening.jpg
  6. Thank you so much Rick and KMAC.

    @rick I am impressed you found these images, search engines were hesitant to provide these lovely detailed images. This camera had set untouched for a long while as the lens is completely fogged out and the spool inside is a metal spool. The spring button allows the catch hole to fully open up thus releasing the back. I finally took the courage and applied a bit of tug and pull and got into its belly :).
    Although an interesting puzzle, I am not sure why Foth would make this so inconspicuous :). Thanks again.

    IMG_1573.JPEG IMG_1574.JPEG IMG_1575.JPEG
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  7. Older ones would have wooden spools with metal ends.

    Newer ones have plastic spools, and all metal in between.
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