sticky rubber on palm door on EOS 1-N

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by d._david_young, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I have an EOS 1-N. The rubber grip on the palm door, which is the flip open door that
    hides the motor drive button options, etc., has gotten sticky to the point where it sticks to
    my hand and fingers; when touched it sticks to whatever and lifts up with it. I live in
    Hawaii where apparently this is one of the only places where it happens with our humidity
    plusperspiration from our hands.
    My question: has anyone ever encountered this and what are the solutions short of taking
    it to Canon for repair; this is a large repair as the top of the camera has to be removed to
    take off the door; they told me this! I have scraped the sticky rubber with fingernail and
    white stuff comes off and seem to help to take some of the stickiness! Your feed-back
    appreciated. thank you.
  2. I too live in Hawaii but haven't had any problems with my old 1N or 3. However, my
    A2 suffered from sticky grip. I removed the grip and used alcohol and a lot of rubbing
    to remove the sticky goo. So it's now a plain plastic grip. Not too pretty but works
  3. there's a cool product called goo-gone I've used on similarly sticky situations. Put it on a white clean cloth and wipe the stickiness away.
  4. The goo is a result of the chemical breakdown of the grip finish. The rubber-like coating
    turns to goo and is a bitch to remove without damaging the underlying plastic grip or door.
  5. thanks for the feedback: I've been scratching the sticky stuff off with fingernails and using
    Armor All on the sticky rubber. Hoping the AA doesn't damage metal or get-on glass
  6. DON'T USE ARMOR ALL ON CAMERAS! It can damage the plastic. Armor All is evil stuff.

    I would advise against using it on your car, as well.
  7. "...Armor All is evil stuff..."
    please explain why it is evil.
  8. It migrates easily, and if you ever stop using it the plastic cracks and degrades.

    It is horrible stuff - I'd only suggest its use to a mortal enemy. Thankfully, I have no mortal

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