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  1. Steve Grimes (1943-2003) the large format photographers friend and
    excellent machinist succumbed to a massive heart attack today. May
    his family find support in the hours of their loss and may our friend
    rest in peace.
  2. Man, that was news I did not want to hear. RIP Steve.
  3. Really bad news for all of us! Steve was such a great guy who did amazing things with those machines of his. Many many items in my camera bag and collection came through his workshop, I'm really going to miss him.

    CP Goerz
  4. This is a really bad day....peace on your journey Steve.
  6. His fine work inspired and enabled me to try things I might not have tried otherwise. He will be missed.
  7. A big loss; I am sorry to hear that Steve didnt make it. Steve cared alot about his work; and did excellent work; and designed some cool tools. May he rest in peace; and his workshop and spirit continue.
  8. Sic transit gloria mundi.
  9. Steve enabled people to make a lot of work, and probably in many cases better work, through his know-how. I called him a few times trying to solve problems and he was generous with his time, and honest. His family has my sympathy and best wishes.
  10. When I saw the subject line I had hoped for news on his recovery; and then I read the shocking news! Rest in peace, Steve, we will miss you.
  11. That is really terrible, terrible news.
  12. A sad day. I didn't know Steve. I never bought anything from him,
    and what small contact we had was entirely text-based and
    online. However, he struck me forcibly as someone who gave a
    concrete reality to the word 'integrity''. Sad indeed.
  13. A great loss to our LF family. Steve had just a couple of months ago mounted an old Apo Ronar for me and made some caps for it and all of it was such excellent work. He was not only a wonderful craftsman, but such a gentlemen as well. Steve, you will be missed and remembered by us all.
  14. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Safe journey oh Master of photo
  15. I feel terrible. But, Steve, you are on to better things now, I am sure.
  16. Very sad news indeed. His absence will be felt by all of us.
  17. best wishes to friends and family steve fixed my first lens over 25
    years ago on Lincoln st. a great loss.
  18. Goodbye good friend
  19. That is tragic. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
  20. I'm sorrry I never told Steve how much I valued all I learned from him. It was
    inspiring watching him find solutions to so many problems and liberating
    feeling that (maybe not as well, but if we practice out brains!) we can all be
    more creative in our whole lives, not just behind our cameras.
    His generous and creaive spirit will be missed.
    Goodbye Buddy,
    Tracy Storer
  21. He did what most of us aspire to: When thinking of camera
    repair, did you ever think of anyone else? He represented fine
    work at a reasonable rate/excellent service. Would that I had the
    reputation he had.
  22. One of a kind. Won't see his like again. -JB
  23. Steve's skill was matched by his integrity. He will be sorely missed.

    My condolences to his family and friends.
  24. Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.
  25. Ditto.
    I cherish my CZ Tessar 250mm mounted on LT board by Steve.
  26. Very sad news, indeed. I was looking forward to speaking with him as always after his vacation. RIP Steve, you will be missed. Thank you for all your service and contribution to the large format community.
  27. Bummer. You'll be missed.
  28. A sad day really.
  29. I just received two lenses and shutters back from Steve last week and am in shock. He was a wonderful man, a fine craftsman, and will be missed dearly. Rest in peace, dear friend.

    Bob Herbst
  30. Strange but although I never met him, never spoke to him through this forum I felt I knew him. I know the man will be missed but his name will remain as his legacy. Deep condolences to his family and friends
  31. *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*, *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*, *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*...I offer Steve´s family my condolences and wish him a safe journey wherever he is.
  32. Steve had done some work for me, and I also met him at his shop a few years ago. He is such a nice, honest person. Of course, his work was wonderful. Big loss for all of us.

  33. Everytime I pull out the lenses that Steve CLA'd and fabricated lenscaps for me or use his ring wrench, I will think fondly of a man that was kind, sincere and as honest and reputable as was humanly possible. Whatever denomination you aspire to, I am sure that we can all agree that Steve is in a very good place. I am pleased that I can say that our paths crossed. He was a gem. All my best to his family.
  34. This is very sad news for me. I just received a modified lensboard from Steve a few days ago. As I'm sure everyone here knows, he was a man of true integrity, sincerity in his work and treated everyone with respect. He helped me many times with questions and problems and showed great patience with my questions and requests. Without sounding overly dramatic, may Steve be remembered for the legend he really was. We will all miss him.

    Don Bryant
  35. A very sad day, indeed. My condolences to Steve's family and friends.
  36. Didn't know the man except for what you've all had to say about him over the past year or two. May he rest in peace. May his loved ones be free from suffering

    Robb Reed
  37. I am sadden by the news of Steve Grimes death. I learned about him from the forum and was impressed by the overwehming praise he received. Although I had little contact with him, he was clearly an impotant and unique resourse to the community.
  38. Integrity, skill, and a love for his craft. A combination you don't find often. May his family find peace.
  39. it saddens me to think that the last time i saw and spoke with steve grimes will
    be the last time i see and speak with steve. he was quite a guy, and will
    surely be missed.

    i live in rhode island about 20 mins from steve's shop. i have to say that i am
    one of the lucky people who actually got a chance to meet him in person.
    when i think of him, it brings a smile to my face because of his kindness and
    all out helpfulness in all types of situations.

    a few months ago i happened to find a portrait lens but to use it, i needed
    steve to make me one of his funky lens mounts. i called him up, drove to his
    shop. we chatted a little bit, and i left the camera and lens there for him and
    his staff to do their magic. in a week or so it was ready for me to pick up, so i
    loaded the car with my wife and kids ( who needed to be driven about 20 mins
    for their daily nap - kids that is, not wife :) ) and it was beginning to blizzard. i
    got to steve's building, went up the freight elevator and was greeted by a
    smile by steve and his staff. they pulled out the camera mounted the lens,
    and could see that i was quite the satisfied customer -
    we chatted a little bit, i remembered about the wife and kids and realized that
    it was time to leave. i loaded the camera and lens into a big box they
    provided, and headed towards freight elevator --- it was stuck on the first
    floor. steve promptly guided me through his shop, and we proceeded to
    descend down the steep narrow back stairwell. i got down a little ways, and
    steve could see that i kind of needed a little help. he smiled, and told me that
    he was very used to the steps, and their steepness &c and gladly brought my
    box-of-goodies down the rest of the stairs, out into the snowy parking lot and
    even into the back of the car. he said hello to my wife, smiled, and went off to
    climb the back stairs to his shop to continue working.

    he was definitely one of a kind, a great craftsman, sincere and honest man,
    and a really nice guy. every time i use one of my portrait lenses, i'll think
    fondly of him.
  40. ...ouch. Like others, I had hoped for better news. He did several shutters for me, and we commiserated back and forth by email about the vagaries of governments and the joys of small business. Like his work, staightforward, ernest in his feelings. It is said the greatest gift one can offer another is the gift of one's time, the one commodity that is irreplaceable. It would seem Steve found enough time for all and then some in a too short life. May we all be so generous of spirit in our time. Hail and farewell, sir.
  41. I feel like this thread is the large format community all signing a world-wide sympathy card for Steve's family and friends, which is only fitting as Steve Grimes is basically the patron saint of LF shooters everywhere.

    Without his help I probably would have given up on ULF before I really got started. I had an old Dagor (in barrel) for my even older 12x20 and I really needed it to be in a shutter to do what I wanted to do. Money was tight at the time, and Steve said he could mount the lens in front of an old #4 shutter for me. He was honest upfront that he didn't know if it would cover or not, but this was the most affordable option, so I went for it. Well, I got the lens back (and he did a great job, of course) but much to my disappointment it didn't cover the corners. By now I had a lot of money in the camera, the lens, the shutter job, the holders, etc... and I still couldn't take a photo with it. I was THIS close (fingers held a half inch apart) to giving up on ULF and selling the whole kit to finance a new 4x5, which at least I could use right away. I called Steve and explained my predicament, and he said to send the mounted lens back and he would put the amount I had already paid him towards re-mounting it in a Betax #5 (which, although costlier, would definitely work). I couldn't believe it - I figured I'd have to cover the whole new shutter job from scratch, as most of the cost of the previous work had been Steve's labor. Well, he did as promised (of course) and that giant old refurbished #5 worked perfectly (of course). Still does after several years, and the speeds still test out right, too. I'm so glad I opted to have him do it the right way... not only do I have a great lens/shutter on my camera, but I have a piece of Steve's elegant work. Forever. I'll never sell it.

    Look up "Master Craftsman" in the dictionary and you'll see a photo of Steve Grimes. Funny thing - look up "Gentleman" and you'll see the same picture.

    Best wishes,
  42. Very bad day! I wish him only the best!
    My condolences to his family!
  43. i wish his family the best. this is very sad news for everyone who knew steve and who had come to depend on his careful, clever, honest work.
  44. Wouldn't it be nice if somehow Steve's family could see this
  45. Too rarely it seems, there are people who come into our lives, either socially or through business, and when they pass away leave us sadden but also with a feeling of gratitude that we were able to know such Great person. Steve Grimes is, to me, one of those people. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. This Wednesday I'm going to take that 10" Wide Field Ektar in the #5 Universal he CLA'd for me last year and take some pictures with it. If I do my part(I don't have any concerns about that old shutter!) I hope I'll get at least one good photograph that I can put up on the wall, sort of as a memorial to that gentleman from Rhode Island who helped me and many others chase our dreams with the help of his talents, wisdom , and genuine concern for his customers. I'll miss him.
  46. Oy weh ( oh woe). He was such a pleasure to do business
    with. Rest in peace.
  47. Thank you, Steve, for a job well done.

    Dennis Schmidt

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