Stephen Crowley presenting in DC

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  1. Found this little event taking place in DC tomorrow. Photojournalists 6/25/2002 Starts at: 7:00 PM Ends at: 8:30 PM Length: 1 day Cost: $12 Description Co-sponsored with the White House News Photographers’ Association On February 5, 2002, Stephen Crowley was cited as “Photographer of the Year” by the White House News Photographers’ Association for a portfolio that included his essays “Voices of Afghanistan” and “Day in the Life of President Bush.” On April 9, he received the Pulitzer Prize for his photography of Afghanistan in The New York Times. His work has been exhibited in the Library of Congress, The National Geographic Society and the Corcoran. In a rich slide lecture, Crowley discusses why art photographers need photojournalists and why photojournalists needs art photographers. Walk through of the WHNPA’s exhibition in the hemicycle follows. To register please call 202.639.1770. Public $16 Location Information Name: Frances and Armand Hammer Auditorium

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