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  1. For those of you macro stackers ....
    Stack of 12 images using CZP
    Stacked images aug 4 17.jpg
  2. This was an invite, share what you have
  3. Detail of a lobster shell. Lobster Shell StackbB,20,6 WEB.jpg
  4. What software do you guys use for focus stacking? Photoshop?
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  5. Photoshop is one I use, I've tried Helicon Focus, another that I use is Combine ZP. It is an older program ... but free :)
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  6. Helicon focus
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  7. 8 image stack of a clymene moth merged using Photoshop. Taken handheld and I think there are a few small merge artifacts. I have tried Combine ZP in the past but was never able to get it to work very well. User error I'm sure but still frustrating.
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  8. I'm impressed your stack turned out, Andrew.
    Handheld macro shots for stacking are a real challenge particularly with a DSLR - the smallest movements can lead to ghosting and misalignment errors.
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  9. I have had pretty good luck with Photoshop's auto-align layers. I did have two other attempts on this that didn't work, either too much movement out of the plane of focus or too big a step between shots. There's a little ghosting behind the wings in the out of focus areas and it looks like the leaf under the antennae could be cleaned up a bit manually
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  10. I am sluggish enough to still not having tried the stacking function. But I am pretty well set for a stable (ish) platform I think. Having a focus rail for a small object in 1to 1 is very very comforting. Such rails allow fixed magnification and measured movment of the subject for as many shots as needed. Only thing I did not include here is a wired cable release on my GX 7 camera. Screen is easy to see the focal plane as one moves in and out. I was super lucky to get the rail at a give away price many years ago and the new lab quality ones are getting to be lab prices if you know what I mean...for flowers, it seems that indoors is sine qua non for stacked images...any thoughts? I love amethysts but big dark ones are out of my price range these days....I do not have any Brasilian smugglers around,,just kidding just kidding. I will follow the PS people and learn the focus stacking. My GX 8 should do it maybe in camera, I have to check the 400 page manual...aloha nui loa and happy holiday here. Macro lens on small focus rail.jpg
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  11. Started looking at my manual for the GX 8 and the stacking feature did not pop up. Google shows some ambiguity about in camera merging. I am not inclined to buy additional software for my MAC. I have PS C6 and I will look into that one....I have a tingly feeling I am missing something, but no worries. It will come to me with a light bulb flash, likely an eletronic one ....unless someone has a great reference...for MAC and late model Lumix camera...these cameras seem to do all kinds of tricks per the ads. I have one of the lates, the GX 8 but have not upgraded any software. Now that is a thought. Happy trails.
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  12. This is a 13 shot stack of a small part I machined. Front to back sharpness on this sort of thing is near impossible without stacking. Unfortunately, every dust particle also becomes sharp from front to back, so I do a lot of editing. Probably should clean things better! Used CombineZP.

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  13. iPhone 5c, ~10 stacked images with Proseezion App, triple dynamic range, 1:1 crop for DOF illusion.

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