St. John's Bar

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  1. Tragedy is cathartic, often the purpose of art. Tragedy is no more false than is the entire imaginative world of fiction. Of course a lot of ‘art’ is ‘artifice’. That’s why the words share a root.

    Why did Shakespeare explore the darker side of love? “Ego” would be a pretty incomplete answer.

    There can be as much or as little ego and as much or as little truth in a pleasant sunset as in a grim bar scene. Tragedy or the grimness to be found in a bar can be but isn’t necessarily a direct representation of what IS but rather a tool of expression. In fact, the child of alcoholics might well use the bar as a more direct representation of something grim and if you stop by some bars just before closing, they can be rather depressing places. At happy hour, likely less so. But a bar can also be used more symbolically.

    Why is there an entire genre of film noir that often uses drink, bars, and the flashing neon signs and rain-soaked streets that accompany them to convey fear, danger, paranoia, and even sexuality. I mean, after all, rain also causes plants to grow. Why not show that? Because they’re used symbolically and atmospherically. Humphrey Bogart knew you could have fun in a bar just as I’m sure most directors he worked with did. But the fun Bogart and his directors were having when making the films showing the darker and seedier side of bars was in creating their own worlds and inviting audiences in rather than simply living in the reality given them. Projecting grimness can simultaneously serve as an escape from it.

    In any case, I don’t find this collection as grim as all that. I also see music, movement, conversation, pensiveness, some happiness, etc. As well as questioning why these photos were made one could question how they’re being seen. And all valid questions, btw.

    Sandy raised a thoughtful question. Mine is just one attempt at an answer.
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  2. Bars are changing dramatically throughout the world with many closing down as their role changes.

    I, like Sam, don’t see this as a particularly grim thread.
  3. 98177D30-3DD4-4967-842A-08C338CD549C.jpeg F20EF5C0-0BFB-4C0B-9D81-B4A8712647A4.jpeg Hudson Bar & Books - New York — Prague — Warsaw Cozy cigar bar w/stogies wines & spirits in a dimly lit clubby space filled with books and this beauty!!!
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  4. Is that really the strap Canon is supplying with the new Canon R?
  5. I coulda done that, but I didn’t. Her face drew my eye exactly as it is - a beautiful, elegantly simple element in an otherwise complex textural jumble. I was also struck by the depth & intensity of her gaze, which seems to me to suggest true interest in whatever serious thought she’s processing or discussing. Others who’ve seen it have thought she was looking at her companion, but that’s not what I saw.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and to comment!
  6. I've never seen a bar I would call "tragic" and don't understand how that made its way into this thread. I've seen "dive bars" and bars I'd describe as maybe "desperate" but tragic? Don't find this to be grim at all. What is grim is that all the bars in my area are closed down. The pubs are where we play tunes and it is tragic that musicians can't get together and play out right now. Everyone is sort of self-isolating. People live streamed St. Patrick's Day concerts and that's how people were hearing the music. Sorry, I'm talking about Irish music.
  7. Once can be forgiven, but don't push it.....
  8. [​IMG]
    Signs of progress, building that was ones Catholic school for girls, became bar and finally got converted at strip club:)
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  9. Ha ha ha... no sir. that’s the cardholder strap that held my registration badge for the PhotoPlus Conference at the Javits center in 2018. The beauty was supplied by the bar along with a flight of bourbon and excellent conversation.
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  10. he he he
  11. SNAFU Bar, East 47th Street, NYC

  12. Nice one Allan!
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  13. Thanks Barry!
  14. And that's awesome Ludmilla! Did they give you a hard time for taking it? 3 am? or pm? Some story there :)
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  15. Thanks, Barry. The girls are cool about photos and it was definitely pm as we were still sober :)

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