St. John's Bar

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  1. Carmel, California - Highlands Inn Bar
  2. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of this this thread is. People seem to piling in in with their own photos., But I'll respond anway.

    @pat_parson; I like the expression of the barmaid. But I found little synergy (composition) between the people in the photo. They seem separate in terms of physical distance and relationship to each other. In terms of composition, I like your 2nd photo more. The two girls form a 'group' sharing something together. I also like the triangular shape of the 'group'. Pity the right girl's face is obscured.
    @JDMvW: This photo is a bit vague (a snapshot) but it does capture the mood well.
    @samstevens: I love this! It has great composition, movement, interaction and depth. The B/W contrasts are excellent. Congrats!
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  3. Whenever there is a post in a forum that is not asking for a critique of that photo, and the title violates the "too specific" for anyone else likely to have it (e.g., "my friend joe's backyard dog house"), I always assume that the only way we can go on is to generalize the topic -- as here "A Bar"
  4. Thanks, Mike, for looking and for your response and comments. Always good to hear your thoughts and get a candid reaction.

    My first instinct when seeing this thread was to run around San Francisco looking for a St. John's Bar to photograph, but then I read JDM's mind and proceeded accordingly. :)
    As to the OP's first photo, I very much like the couple over on the right. There's a noir-ish or at least cinematic quality to them and they relate to each other beautifully as well relating well to the PATIO sign, the two lights and the black background. While bars can have individuals that don't relate to each other and that may be spread apart, and a photo might well capture that sense of disconnection, I would feel more involved if there were some overarching sense of gestalt. That's likely the synergy you're talking about, which doesn't have to be proximity as much as some visual or thematic connection that suggests cohesiveness.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Tenderloin Neighborhood, San Francisco • ©Brad Evans 2020

  6. Super shot Brad.
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  7. She was a customer. The bartender is the neckbeard on the other side of the bar.

    Yes. I was struck by the isolation of the woman at the bar, and by her enigmatic expression.
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  8. Vaseline on the lens or Art?
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  9. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    What strikes me, as a past bar enthusiast (now only occasional visitor) is a certain grimness in a lot of these shots. The mood in the bars and pubs I frequented was different back in the day - they were fun. To an extent, the few I occasionally patronize still are. Wyatt Earp purportedly said something to effect that he liked Saloons because they were "filled with possibilities" maybe that is no longer the case - or maybe it is just the Street & Documentary style.
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  10. False news Sandy; the grimness is, IMO, a artifice resulting from photographers trying to boost their egos by focus on negativity. It's not new, tragedy is always a headline, even in the best of times. In real life people still laugh, meet, greet, and socialize in bars. I speak as a 'regular' (weekly) at a local pub near me.
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