SRT 101 shutter problem

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  1. I found this SRT 101in a rather bad shape and after a basic cleaning had a look at it. While firing, the mirror stopped anywhere between right top and in between. After fiddling with many releases and the mirror lockup switch, it finally works normally. Now the next thing is it only fires on B or at one speed which seems to be always the same no matter which speed I set on the dial (1/60 ?). Can someone please explain ? Thank you.
  2. I'm not sure if the SRT101 is among them, but a number of cameras default to one specific shutter speed when the battery is dead. Could that be the issue?
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    It isn't a battery for a Minolta SRT-101--the shutter is mechanical, only the meter is run by the battery.
  4. Thanks guys. I started to think I didn't explain the problem clearly enough. Indeed it seems to be always firing at 1/60, no matter which speed I dial. Or B...
  5. Even though I own a fair number of various SRT models, I've never taken one apart, but I will offer a guess. I think we can rule out the linkage between shutter dial and shutter since you can use the dial to select B or the single speed you're getting. If the trouble is a shutter problem it would be less expensive to just find another used SRT, but if you're comfortable with disassembly of the camera, by all means try. I think there are some online tips for servicing the SRT models.
  6. No, it was clear enough. Some cameras will still fire the shutter, no matter what, but when the battery is dead they ignore the speed setting and will always shoot at one specific speed. That apparently is not the case with the SRT 101, though. Sorry if I confused you.
  7. Thanks everyone. I don't think I'd go the dismantling way... The general condition of the camera doesn't make it worth it. No Dave. All fine. Thanks !
  8. I presume you've tried just firing it a zillion times? You said "many releases" but that can mean many things. A lot of old mechanical shutters default to the 1/60 position, especially on the low speeds when the timer mechanism stops working, but sometimes they'll wake up after a lot of uses. I think the issue is that the gear train is not even engaged, so it may take a lot of tries, raps, bangs, shakes, etc. to get whatever little pawls are involved to move and start the gears moving at all.

    I figure there's nothing to lose, if you sit down for the evening news or something, and just click it a few hundred times. Maybe every time you hear a politician lie, you fire it. It will either free up or wear out.
  9. Actually the condition of the camera is a great reason why you should dismantle it. How better to learn about the inner workings? You have little to lose and much to gain.
  10. Indeed. Thanks. I may reconsider !
  11. Before dismantling, just try lubricating the various moving parts under the bottom plate. Careful not to let lube drift onto the curtains

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