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Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by andy_yazolino, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. After years of believing my Father's SRT 101 was lost, I finally
    found it buried deep in my Mother's attic. This camera has high
    sentimental value. Unfortunately it needs repair. I would like to
    restore this camera to its best working condition.

    Are there places that will repair equipment this old? Any

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi there, I just found out about your site today. Sorry if I include my message as an answer but I have the same sort of question. I bought a SRT-101 on Ebay and came with 3 lenses:35,55 and 135. Everything looks to be very good, even the camera which has a 'little' problem. The battery I put is the new alkaline 1.5V. However, the meter doesnt seem to work. In the battery check, the needle moves slightly as if it were stuck. I was thinking of trying to repair it myself but I decided to use it as a second body, without meter. Does anyone have experience repairing the meter? is it worth it or is it better to get a handheld meter? Which meter would you recommend? I wouldnt like to send it to service since it would probably cost me more than what I paid for it.
    Greetings from Wales, UK.
  3. What's wrong with it? Certain things that fail on an older camera like this are easily fixed, and others are nearly unrepairable (except for much more money than the camera is worth). In general, the SRT-101 is completely mechanical except the light meter, so pretty much anything is fixable with the right parts, and sufficient funds. But be aware that a perfectly nice and fully working SRT-101 body can bought for well under $100, and fixing a broken one might well cost more than that.
  4. He doesn't want any ole' SRT 101. He wants his Dad's camera to work again. Objective considerations aren't in play here. It is a matter of the heart.
  5. I agree fixing a SRT-101 isn't cost-effective. A good used one is a lot less, but if you like the camera, then cost is irrelevant. You need to find a good repair shop that knows old(er) cameras, and has the parts and experience to fix SRT's. Consider asking professional photographer where they get their camera fixed or at pro photo shops where they recommend pro's take their cameras. Many of these shops can do what you want.

    I've had my two SRT's, one my original 1969 101, cleaned and calibrated twice, to keep it in excellent working condition, and a 303 which sat is storage in Texas for over 10 years, rebuilt to near-new condition. Both were also recalibrated to use new 1.5v batteries. The owner loves older camera, especially making them new again.

    If the camera is important to you, then find someone just as interested in fixing it. You'll get a camera good for a long time and enjoy a great camera. Good luck.

  6. I would also add that I have a couple of busted up scavenger parts bodies for SRTs that I'd sell for $10 apiece plus shipping costs, let me know if wherever you decide to fix it needs to get scavenger bodies for parts.
  7. Andy, I also found the SRT I learned on and am wrestling with the same question. If I decide to do it I will be sending mine to KEH, ( who I have found to be excellent on prior repairs. Good luck.
  8. i have sent two SRT cameras to "Greenes Camera Tech" in fla, $120.00 they rebuild the camera entirely new seals, clean, lube and calibrate, it comes with a year warranty. good deal if you like this camera. in 1976, it was my first "real" camera. i love using mine today.. cheap used, but it will need attention, its 25years old.
  9. Andy,

    I've also heard good things about Chrysler Camera Repair, in New York. They specialize in Minolta cameras. They are located in the basement of the--guess what?--Chrysler Building.
  10. I was given an SRT 101. It was from my friends father who bought it when he served
    in Vietnam. I went to a camera shp to buy a battery. The meter didn't work. I paid
    $170 dollars to have it repaired (a new meter installed) and serviced. I wasn't going to
    do it, but they told me it was a nice camera with a wonderful lens and i had gotten it
    for free, so...
    Could I have gotten lucky on eBay for the same thing for a lot less. Yes. But I have
    never regretted spending the money. In the grand scheme of things it really wasn't
    very much. I love that camera.
    I don't know where you live, but I had mine repaired at Benner's Camera in Brockton,
    Once I saw that the meters were repairable, but I don't care, I have a brand new
    meter and a long life left in the camera. And now the money is long ago spent and I
    don't even think about it.
  11. I am surprised this went back to 2003.

    Well my SRTs did go out for service recently to John Titterington.

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