SRT 101 a dead issue?

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  1. My neat black-body SRT 101 has developed an erratic meter. It mostly is unresponsive. Too bad
    I like those solid SRTs. I will go back to using my XD-s.
  2. Look carefully at the on / off / BC switch on the baseplate. It may just need the contacts cleaning.
  3. John, I take it you have to remove the baseplate. Is it difficult?
  4. No it's not difficult, just remove the screws and the baseplate lifts off with no loose bits. The rotary part of the switch comes off with the baseplate, check that the metal contact strip on it is clean. On the body you will see the three contacts underneath. Make sure they are clean and not bent downwards. Of course the problem may be elsewhere.

  5. I did the cleaning, but the problem indeed must be elsewhere.
  6. The SRT-101, like nearly every other camera of its time, employs CdS cells to meter the light. After several decades, many such meters fail because the CdS cells simply age out. Very, very common problem with popular bodies like the Minolta SRT series, most Nikkormats, most Nikon F/F2 variants, Olympus OM-1, Leica, Pentax Spotmatic. etc.

    Sometimes new parts are available, sometimes not. Some adventurous repair techs are willing to adapt substitute parts. But repairs can be more expensive than most owners care to spend on a common SLR that isn't worth all that much as a collectible. It may be more economical to buy a replacement body that still has a functional meter (CdS cells are like people: if they make it to a certain age still alive, they keep going far longer than usual).

    Silicon Blue meter cells do not die of old age like CdS. A few innovative cameras like Fujica ST-701-801-901 and original Contax RTS used these more durable cells in the early-mid '70s but they didn't become common in most cameras until the late '70s (by 1980 CdS had been totally obsoleted by SB).
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