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  1. I bought a Spyder4Pro on the weekend, and was very shocked to see it has a very strict activation policy requiring my name and email. I've searched and found no mention of this very strange requirement.
    My concerns are that I thought I was buying a piece of hardware, not software or a service. They say I can calibrate computers at one location and up to 5 laptops. This is fine for my needs anyway, but when I buy the hardware from them, why should they care if I go up and down the street offering free calibration for everyone? My dad doesn't really have any interested in a colormanaged workflow, but why can't I calibrate his display to show him the difference, it could even have resulted in another sale.
    For that matter, I gave them money for a product. What right to they have to my name and contact information.
    What if I want to resell the device once it's activated in my name?
    What happens when the company goes bankrupt and there's no activation sever anymore. Is this just a product rental for the life of the company? What if they decide next month they no longer want to support this model and you need to pay a per calibration fee, there's nothing to stop them from doing that.
    Obviously the product is not for me and it's going back to the store (clearly opened because of the packaging design so now the store has to eat a loss), but why doesn't anyone else seem to have any issues with this. I realize there's a lot of people who won't care, but there is just no mention I can find.
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    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Lots of software products have activation, I'm OK with that. I have no idea why a piece of hardware would require software activation when the software is useless without the hardware.
  3. Andrew, I agree, I have no issue with software activation. But this software is basically a glorified driver. And since it is useless without the hardware, the hardware is the best security dongle ever.
    I wouldn't buy a monitor or a camera that required software activation to use either.
  4. What happens when the company goes bankrupt and there's no activation server anymore?​
    It's precisely to avoid bankruptcy caused by loss of sales when everybody shares the odd calibrator that someone was daft enough actually to buy, that they - quite rightly - protect their interests and their bottom line this way.
  5. The hardware is useless without the software. It's long been Datacolor's policy to register their products when you install the software to use the hardware, I've done this with Spyder 2 and Spyder 3. I don't see how you can use the hardware without their software, so it's only reasonable they restrict the use of the software to the terms of the products.

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