Spyder3Elite and old CRT monitor

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  1. Hi,
    I've got Spyder3Elite couple months ago. I've calibrated my monitor (old CRT Iiyama HM903DT B) several times since then, always letting monitor to warm up anywhere between 30 minutes and couple hours. Finally I've decided to make few prints at the lab that runs Frontier 570 with custom profiles. When I've got prints back they look very similar but there is still noticible difference. I've too the same prints to the office and compare them with the look on SyncMaster 192N TFT. Hmm...they looked much closer to TFT then to my CRT home. I've also picked up reference test print in the lab and its counterpart JPEG file. The file is available on the lab's website at http://www.open-eyes-hamburg.de/downloads.html ( DQ Testbild for the file and FF570_Direct_2 Profil for the profile). When I look at the reference file on my CRT the skin tones are clearly of bronze while on the print they're more towards natural (slightly magenta) side. On TFT I see those skin tones more close to the reference print but still not exat match (though gamut of this TFT is rather small compared even to sRGB so I don't expect much from it).
    So I said to myself: "ok, my monitor is to blame, lets check it more". I've created a test grayscale image with 11 steps from 0 to 100% liminosity in lab colors, converted then to RGB (tried sRGB, AdobeRGB and ProPhoto RGB - all showed same result). What came out is that from middle to light tones everything looks gray, but as tones get darker they become warmer and at 10% luminosity they have noticible warm tint. Ok, I understand my monitor is old, and I should get new one as soon as budget allows. But shouldn't Spyder3Elite actually noticed such behaviour of my monitor and compensated for it?
    I've run Spyder software in both Wizard and ExpertConsole modes where it supposed to produce separate 256 values instead of single gamma curve, still results are the same - yellowish tint in the shadows as without calibration. Also, my CRT cannot produce decent level of black (highest I get is 0.06cd/m2 even at monitor control maxed out), however white level is fine and I can easily get 100cd/m2, and I thought HW calibration solution could compensate for it. i1Display 2 (borrowed from a neighbor) significantly opened-up shadow details but Spyder didn't. Is there anything I could do with this or is Spyder not capable to deal with high-degree deviation from desired calibration target?
  2. You should try the Datacolor discussion forum: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/colorvision_group/

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