Spyder2 and magenta cast

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  1. I�m using Spyder2 from ColorVision to calibrate my CRT-display, hp
    The calibrations result in a magenta cast equivalent to 6 steps in
    the green channel.
    My judgement is based on a number of test prints, with no color
    corrections applied, made by a professional lab. Furthermore colors
    in InternetExplorer look strange, especially skin tones.
    When I ask the manufacturer ColorVision about this, they reply:
    �if your monitor is calibrated with the Spyder2 to a target of Gamma
    and 6500 Kelvin and you look on your prints (by using a norm light
    the same color temperature) then you should match the colors between

    I find it strange, though, that I should have to view my prints
    using a special lamp. If you ask me prints should normally be viewed
    in daylight.
    Any thougts on the subject? Or any similar experiences with Spyder2?
  2. Go Here and type in Spyder 2 Magenta...Alot of info on this problem. Mike
  3. So switch to either a gretagmacbeth Eye-One Display 2 or a Monaco OPTIXxr.
  4. OK, I won't insult your intelligence by asking if you followed the pre-calibration instructions for Spyder2 exactly, or if you've set up your color management workflow outlined in the "Digital Darkroom Forum" link that Mike provided. I think at least part of the problem lies in the fact that you're not doing the printing, a lab is doing that, using a different monitor and computer altogether. As to the rest of the question, a Gamma of 2.2 and color temp of 6500K does approximate daylight.

    Just think of it as a bump in the learning curve.....
  5. Yes, William, I'm doing it all by the book. This bump in my learning curve has basically taught me not to trust Spyder2. Secondly not to buy stuff online but in the local photo store, where I'd probably get my money back.
  6. I couldn't find any info suggesting that a properly used Spyder2 causes a magenta cast. Most post say double profiling causes it.

    I use Spyder2 with no artifacts whatsoever. Have you disabled other LUT loaders (Adobe Gamma etc), assuming you are on a PC? Have you made sure correct profiles are applied (using Color Control Panel Applet for instance?)

    If you were on a mac you could try the new version of Coloreyes calibration software with your Spyder2 - which is about as good as it gets calibration-wise. If you'd still get a magenta cast - it's your colormanagement error.
  7. Serge, I have disabled the Adobe Gamma, which by the way gives me far better results than the Spyder2. And, yes, the correct profiles are applied.
    I'm on a PC. Do you think the problem is software related rather than a hardware issue?
  8. I sent back the Spyder2 to where I bought it. After a month of waiting and four phone calls to Switzerland I finally got my money back.
    Instead I bought an Eye-one display 2, which I'm using now. Suddenly the colours look right.

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