Spottie in the fog.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by tony_lockerbie, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Sounds like a bad movie, but just taking a newly re-furbished Spotmatic out in the early morning mist. All with the 50mm 1.4 Takumar and Ektar 100.
  2. Kisses Lagoon.
  3. Very Nice... Like you said; your first reaction is..Uhh? Photos in Fog? But you've made the very best out of the situation. I especialyl like river road and that forest scene brings out the greens so well in the foreground! Eycellent work from down under! .. Now I know where that expression comes from... Tak sharp?!?
  4. I love the Lagoon and the River Road; beautiful hues. Thanks for the post, sp.
  5. Pictorialism will never completely go away so long as there is still fog.
    Very nice! "River bank" is my personal favorite.
  6. Lovely shots, Tony! Fog certainly adds a wonderful element to photographs and these pictures are proof of that. As pretty as the scenics are though, the pink bug might be my favorite. It's certainly my significant other's favorite, and now she wants one!
  7. An excellent set of pictures. I like the complimentary colors in the bug shot.
  8. Very nice, Tony; there's nothing like mist to accentuate perspective and add a sense of mystery, and you've handled it beautifully. River Road and River Bank would be my favourites, though the bug is pretty cool...
  9. Well done, Tony. I like them all, but River Road is my favourite.
  10. Oh so nice, Tony. Things sure look different in the fog. I really like the kisses lagoon best, but who wouldn't love a pink bug. It looks like 1966 vintage. Well done!
  11. Thanks everyone, always appreciate the comments. Louis, the Bug is a '72 model Superbug...damned thing has cost a fortune!
  12. That's a lovely picture of the bug, and I admit they are cute. I once, and only very briefly, had a '73 convertible Superbug. It had no rust, and everything was working well within spec or better. Damned thing still scared the crap out of me. Steering bad. Brakes worse. Didn't have enough power to get out of it's own way, and the body flexed like crazy under the slightest provocation. Made my Saturn SL2 feel like a sports car by comparison.
  13. Tony, the bug's my favorite, great ambiance and lighting on that picture. River road is wonderful too.
  14. Tony,
    I love them all, but today I want to walk the River Road. Thanks for a great post.
    Film forever,
  15. Happiness is a Foggy Spotmatic!

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