Sports with Mirrorless?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by sanford, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Has anyone photographed sports, even a "sport" as slow as golf, with a mirrorless camera? Something in the 400mm range.
  2. With the NEX-7 and the translucent mirror adapter for A-mount lenses, I don't see why you couldn't. The AF is very fast
    and accurate. Of course you add $300 to the cost of the camera and then you need the A-Mount lens. The Sony Zeiss
    16-80 is a good choice.
  3. As much as I love the G2, trying to photograph golf yesterday at 200mm (400mm equiv) left me with a lot of unfocused photos. I hope the new generation proves to be a much better. Back to the heavy D300 for now.
  4. I took my E-M5 to a night major league baseball game week before last a couple of days after picking it up and had some fun with the 75-300 M. Zuiko.
    Baseball is one of those sports where you can anticipate and shoot action with just about any camera once you've done it a time or two and know what works and what doesn't. Major league games are played under the best possible outdoor light, but after the sun was completely down I still found myself at ISO 4000-6400 quite a bit with the slow 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 Zuiko, but the E-M5 handled it very well, and at 9 frames per second, you have a lot of chances to capture the action, assuming no one stands up in front of you!
  5. I shot a few foot races with my Nikon V1 and the 70-300 equivalent lens. Worked fine but it has sensor based phase detect AF.
  6. Not one of my successes as I sheltered from the storm inside my car :) G3 014140
  7. Greg ... did you notice what the guy in the striped t-shirt was using? That huge 'thing to his right of the camera he appears to be using when you took your shot ?
    Yes when I was at a concert this guy was standing up and girating to the music and spoiling my view [shots] Urrgh! :)
  8. I have tried with the NEX 5N to shoot swim meets along side my Canon 7D. Although I got a few good pictures with the 5N the slow lenses, contrast detect AF, an EVF that is not as good for this purpose as the 7D optical finder, and bright light difficulties with the EVF and lack of Canons AI tracking, the number of keepers isn't very good. This is in comparison with the 7D with either a 70-200 2.8L that is needed for dark indoor pool corners and 100-400L when the light is better. I am, however, very successful using the 5N for head shots and on deck groups at the same meets. The 5N does ten frames a second but only focuses on the first frame of a series. I use it a lot and like its convenience a lot but not for serious sports.
  9. Holy smokes, Greg! Your first and last baseball images are ISO 5000! I presume EXIF reports the actual focal length, not 35mm full-frame (FX) equivalent. Interesting that none of the shots is at full 300mm zoom. Here is a kayaking photo I took with my friend's EP1.

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