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Discussion in 'Sports' started by dmcs, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. I am interested if anyone has a lab they would recommend for Sports Memory
    Mates, buttons, bag tags etc. I am using Mpix but would like some others to
    check on.

    Also who is a good source for the old cardboard style memory mates in low
  3. I use Pounds Labs for everything. My portrait work and my sports memory mates all look great. Pounds has on line ordering and they can color correct each image (or you can choose not to have them do this) and they also have several "templates" for sports. They offer a convenient "Pic A Pack" ordering system for novelty items and sports stuff as well.

    Good luck. I don't know anyone who has the old cardboard memory mates available.
  4. I've used Sportstars since 1993. Very good customer service, great people to work with. I use the TAP Fantasy Gray for my memory mates.
  5. Weren't Memory Mates optical composites on photo paper? I don't think they were ever done by offset printing. so I don't you mean by cardboard-style.
  6. Dale means the mounts. The photo composite is a relatively recent product. Originally they were two separate photos, one a team, the other the individual, in a heavy paper mount. Those are the only memory mates I've ever offered.

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