[sport photographers] .. please help me to pick my new camera !!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by no_1, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. hello everyone ..

    i'm in a very hard spot and i really need you advise ..

    whiten a few days i'm gonna bay my first SLR camera .. and i wanna spend my precious money carefully

    so .. i'm gonna give you some pointers and wait for you recommendations :-

    1- i'm gonna use it for sport photography ( soccer ) .. and it's gonna be most used in Stadiums at night time
    2- it should cost me no more than ( 800 - 850 $ ) ..
    3- i'm gonna use it mostly with the sigma version of [ 70 - 200 / 2.8 ] lens ..


    by the way .. my first choice was nikon d300 or d700 .. but unfortunately it's to expansive for me ..!

    now i'm thinking about the nikon d5000 which i heard is bad in focusing or something like that i'm not really sure !!

    or the nikon d90 which i thinks is great but gonna make me miss the monitor of the d5000 !!

    or finally the canon EOS Rebel XS .. which i have no info about .. but some people recommended it for me !


    so .. the bottom line is i need a fast camera with a high ISO capability which i can use as a beginner in sport photography ..


    i'm so sorry guys about my poor ENGLISH .. i did my best .. and i hope you understand what i'm saying ..

    waiting for you replies ..


    best regards
  2. or the nikon d90 which i thinks is great but gonna make me miss the monitor of the d5000​
    I don't know what you mean by monitor. The D90 has a higher magnificaiton viewfinder and much higher resolution rear LCD (920K dots vs 230K) and it is 0.3 inches bigger as well. The D5000 rear LCD rotates but that isn't very useful for sports.
  3. Consider a used D300 to save money. The AF system is far more appropriate for sports shooting in poor light.
  4. Or a used canon 40D if you want to go the 'canon' route.
  5. Get the D90. I doubt you'll find a used D300 yet, at the right price point for your budget. I have the Sigma 70-200 2.8, just getting a tune up at Sigma right now. Great lens for the buck$. I may consider selling it. Have you purchased yours yet?
  6. For $850, you don't have to settle for a "consumer" camera. The D5000 and Rebel XS both have intentionally cheap bodies and limited features for people who don't know better.
    My vote is for the Nikon D90 or Canon 40D.
  7. i have a d90 - if you can't get a d3 this is next best thing in that range - you can shoot at 3200 and still get good stuff with some noise reduction software (i use noise ninja)
    i shoot with an 80-200 2.8
  8. All kinds of used D300 out there for around $1000.00.
  9. Assuming that your Sigma lens is for a Nikon body, I'd consider either the D90 or a used D2X. With my preference being the D2X for sports.
  10. Do what I did, find a camera shop that rents all kinds of bodies and lenses. When I was shooting FIFA U-20 soccer, I rented 2 bodies (Nikon D90 and D 300) and 4 lenses and decided at the time what to buy. I went with the D 300 and have since traded up to a D3. If you live in Canada, there are great deals through the federal government on Nikon gear.
    What ever you do, get the fastest camera you can afford and use the best lenses you can afford, the Nikkor 70 - 200 f2.8 is my standard sports lens. If you can rent (some rental companies will ship the rental item to you) it will save you a lot of money and you can usually get the best quality gear.
    Hope this helps. Dave McColl
  11. I believe the D5000 has a 'flip' monitor. Even if not, shooting soccer you will not have time to use a monitor to shoot!
    Keep your eye to the veiwfinder, shoot RAW, burst setting, Continuous AF.

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