Spooling/using other film in 127 camera?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by david_cameron, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know how to spool another type of film onto a 127
    spool for a Brownie Holiday? Or, is it possible to use film from
    other spools on a camera fitted to take 127 film?

    The Brownie Holiday has a piece of red plastic at the back of the
    camera, which the photo # is viewed through, so please advise if
    I would have to cover this up from the inside, or what.

    I'm interested in any (even odd or experimental) ideas that will
    somehow cost me less than developing and buying 127 film at
    present. I'm not a camera professional, so please put things into
    plain english.

    Many thanks,

  2. Unfortunately there are no easy solutions. No other film readily available is the same width as 127 and if you were to consider cutting down 120 film (see http://www.toptown.com/nowhere/kypfer/120-828.htm) the numbers on the 120 backing paper may not line up exactly with the little red window in a 127 camera. For an 8-on-127 like your Holiday, it could work, but the 12-on-127 numbers are on the "wrong" side of the backing paper to correspond with 120 film.

    Having made an initial purchase of some 127 film it may then be practical to cut down some 120 film and fit this to the salvaged 127 backing paper after the initial films have been processed. Unless you've got access to a reasonably co-operative and knowledgeable lab, this will probably mean processing the films yourself, both to ensure careful salvage of the original backing paper and to preclude any problems arising from the film you've fitted to the recovered backing paper not being the same as the original and the lab then processing them incorrectly, or indeed refusing to process them at all, for several valid reasons which I won't go into here.
  3. This might not help you (if you're outside the UK) but Jessops sells 127 black and white film under its own brand. It is rated at ASA 200, and made in the Czech Republic. I have seen 127 colour film (slide?) come in to my local branch, but the (off-site) lab was unable to process it. I don't know where the customer got that from.
  4. rdm


    David many places can process 127 slide film here in the US, they call it a super slide because it has the same framed dimentions as the 35mm mounted slide but larger immage, i would love to know where they still sell that too. But if you really want some rolls of 127, just got a hold of some frozen fresh 127 bulk film and i only have 2 spools and backing paper that i do not wish to sell, but if you could get me at least a spool I could cut down some of my old 120 backing paper and write in the numbers in the correct spots (usng my 127 backing as a template) and spol you a few rolls pretty cheep. the film is 400 ASA color and i shot a roll with no problem in my browny reflex. I'm looking for a Kowa 127 reflex camera or at least some 127 with adjustments to shutter speed and appature with a flash sync b4 i shoot more. I was thinking of getting a 120 6cm/6cm and making an adapter to run the 127, or just putting the 127 on in the center of the 120 backing paper and re spooling it onto 120 spools, but ide want a camera that the film travels from left to right , and not like my TLR from bottom to top. Also i don't know for sure but i hear you can get 126 cartrages of film still, AND that is the same size as 127 and HAS the backing paper in it, just twice the exposures and inside a cartarage

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