Spooky NEX-5n glitch

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  1. Can anyone explain this bizarre glitch I've had with my Sony NEX-5n. These two pictures are taken under identical conditions. Same settings same lighting. Perhaps there's a ghost in this historic theatre. To see image larger, open in new tab. On the large image you will notice a super imposed negative from a previous exposure.[​IMG]
  2. Images are not showing
  3. Yeah...more weirdness with this photo. I posted it at DP review and it won't show up properly there either. Here's the link to the original URL...

  4. Nope link does not work, it's probably some type of page that shows the image but the underlying link will connect to the site, but not the actual image.
    Upload it and link it from the links provided at this site
  5. Uhgggg...what is with this picture! Here it is at Deviant Art
  6. Does it look this way on the back of the camera or just after you've downloaded the photos?
  7. It looks the same both on the camera screen and in PS. What seems to have happened is that a negative image of a photo taken about 6 frames before, became superimposed on this frame. Where the image is identical the negative image is cancelling out the new image and where the model has moved she is visible in the picture. There is something actually weird about the file in that it doesn't upload to the internet properly on some sites even though it has been resized and saved to a new file.
  8. Does it only happen with one memory card or with all memory cards?
  9. It's only ever happened once. Yes...the memory card was something that had occurred to me. I just don't understand how the camera would draw on a photo a few pics previous and then combine it with a new exposure.

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