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  1. I`m looking for a split focusing screen because I want to use my manual focus lenses with my canon 5d.
    Has anyone tried the " Delight Digi" you can buy from ebay?
  2. I don't find the need for a RF type wedge on a 5D at all. The screen, certainly by comparison to the smaller VF on the xxD series, seems eminently easy to me to focus on, even with my tired old eyes. I have the default, the Ee-A, S, and D screens for my 5D and use the grid (Ee-D) screen all the time with a large number of manual focus lenses ranging from a Reflex-Nikkor 500mm down to a M42 wide angle.
    First, I'd try focusing these lenses on the camera as it is.Then try one of the fine-focusing 5D screens made by Canon. They still sold, the last time I bought one a year ago, for around $35.
    In any case, a "split" screen for a focusing aid has to be made with different angles on the mini-wedges for different focal lengths. The more "universal" they are, generally the less effective they are as focusing aids. In addition to the problem of half the wedge going black with the wrong lens mounted, the effective base distance for any wedge-type split focusing aid on a SLR is very small. I never much cared for them on 35mm film cameras, much less wanting to put one on a dSLR.
  3. I too am interested in a focusing screen for my 5D mark II.
    I ended up ordering one from focusingscreen.com
    It will ship in a few days and I will be sure to report on my findings later.
  4. Mark,
    I have tried this type of screen on my 5d. Focusing with the large split prism is easy and positive, and the micro prism area focuses OK. Still no where as easy as with old film SLR's, because of the half silvered mirror required by the autofocus mechanism. The matt field around the center is a bit dim, not too great for focusing.
    The trade off is that light metering is seriously affected in the 5d. Least in center weighed, and most in spot. In excess of 2 stops with some of my lenses! For this reason I went back to my Ee-S Canon screen ( precision matte for manual focus lenses) where there are no metering issues, brighter too. The 5d has metering issues with any focusing screen with a center spot (split prism etc.) different from the surrounding field. The larger the spot, the greater the problem.
  5. thank you ! I think I`ll try the canon Ee-s screen.
  6. Hi Mark,
    You might have already went ahead with the S type screen. Just so I thought I will give my impression on the focusing screen I bought from www.focusingscreen.com anyway.
    The screen itself appeared to be manufactured from the Canon focusing screen for the 5D, and modified so it will fit the 5D mark II. Exactly what has been done to modify it (or if it is necessary at all), I am not sure because I don't have the original 5D to test & verify.
    The whole package took about less than a week to arrive (from Taiwan to Canada). It comes very well packaged, and all sealed with transparent plastic bags. (note, to my surprise, they are not just wrapped with bubble foam and plastic, everything is literally sealed inside the plastic bags)
    Comes with instructions with questionable english sentences, but the installation itself is easy enough (more to that later). Anti-static tweezer, additional focusing plastic & stickers included in case it doesn't fit perfectly. In general, I am very impressed with the packaging.
    The one I ordered is a cross-split screen with the rules of third grid. I took the stock screen out myself, then installed the focusing screen. 2 min job. However, the first try has the circle on the screen misaligned with the auto-focus dots. I took the screen out, fiddle with it a bit. As it turned out, I have to place the camera up right, and let the focusing screen land on the bracket itself before I close it. Once I have done that, everything is aligned. As a side note, while I was repacking everything together, I found there is a rather long scratch on my stock screen. I am not sure if it's been there all along, or I have somehow scratched it. In either case, it's not a big deal right now, but if you are reading this and planning to do this procedure yourself, just be careful while handling.
    The screen meters exactly like it used to be after I switch the settings to the L settings. I use spot metering most of the time. Took a series of shots before the switch, and did the same shots after. No noticeable difference and I was doing it in a dimly lit room with a tripod. The cross-split helps a lot in manual focus, and I do that a lot. The cross can be a bit bigger, but it's not tiny. Auto-focus is not affected at all as expected. The rule of thirds grid are etched in, so they appear clearer like the center circle from the rest of the matte screen. I think the rest of the matte is the same quality as the precision matte screen from Canon (I think the company actually used that and etch the grids on top).
    I am very pleased with this product. I got it for 80 ish USD, and from where I live, the Canon version is about 60, so the extra cost with the cross-split screen is well appreciated. I do notice some tiny blemishes on the screen, and I suspect those are dust from my handling. I can't see it with my eyes when I took the screen out, and it isn't very bothersome, so I will let it be. Aside from that, I find the screen very helpful and I like it a lot.
    Anyways. I hope it helps. I can't find any reviews on their screen online whatsoever, so I thought I will share my thoughts. Cheers everyone.
  7. Hi Jackson,
    I think you used the split focusing screen from focusingscreen.com for a long time. Do you mind to post any update about it. Especially about any impact to the metering.

  8. I'd also be interested in hearing a review, sometime after your initial purchase, Jackson, with regards to metering, focus, etc...

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