Spilled Beer on the Camera, What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by will_wrobel, May 5, 2009.

  1. My super-genius friend accidentally spilled some Sam Adams on my 40D tonight. It wasn't a lot but I'm worried, I couldn't live without it. The beer spilled on the top of the body, on the buttons on top and the screen. I got the beer out, but is there anything else I should do to make sure nothing ruins my camera?
    Can't deny that my camera smells wonderful though...
  2. Head to the store right away and replace that beer!
  3. It's ok. You can have another beer.
    Seriously, though, if you think beer got inside the camera, pull the battery out an wait a day or two for it to dry out and then you shold be fine. Do not be tempted to use it until it dries out inside if you think beer got in there.
    In any case, it does not sound like you harmed the camera permanently.
  4. Unfortunately beer smell tends to go stale. It is designed this way to attract the fairer sex intially but repulse them by the morning.
  5. I'd take some pictures with the camera immediately before the beer dries out. Anyone you photograph of the opposite sex will be made much more attractive.
  6. Sheldon
    You need to apply "beer goggles" to the photographer for that to work (or at least to the front of the lens like the old vaseline soft focus trick).
  7. Its good that you clarified first off that it was Sam Adams, had it been something like Pabst or Natural Light the only way to exorcize the demons would be to incinerate the camera body.
    With electronics, let it sit for a few days with the battery out before you turn it on and run current through any fagile circuits. This is in case any liquid seeped in.
  8. *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* happens.........but please remain calm : ) Forgive your friend. Then remove the battery from your 40D and leave it to dry inside a dry cabinet for 48 hours or so before restarting it to check if everything's okay.
    I've used my bare naked 50D in mild rain (slight drizzles) and have been caught in sudden downpours a couple of times (before I managed to store it in my digital rucksack) and it's still working fine. *Touch wood*
  9. The beer spilled on the top of the body, on the buttons on top and the screen. I got the beer out...​
    What ah friggen waste. You should have licked off the beer. A rag merely compresses the beer thereby forcing it into nooks 'n crannies. The lapping action of a human tends to lift and separate the liquid from the camera rather than scatter it.
  10. Beer is nothing, I poured half a cup of a sticky-sweet sort of glühwein over my 30d and 17-55/2.8. I still can't move that manual focus ring on the lens after almost 2 years ;)
  11. what a humorous read this was. thanks!
    may your 40D live long!
  12. You have to soak the camera right away in salt water and then let it dry in the sun for a couple of days. That will take care of the smell for sure :)
  13. Thanks for the smile this morning
  14. Don't let it drive!
  15. Don't shoot and drive!
  16. I have to agree with G Dan on this.
  17. haha thanks!

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