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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by ben_nauber, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. So, I've been using Yodobashi (west exit) for my processing but I've found that sometimes my film can take anywhere between 3-11 days to be processed. I don't need it to be overnight, but I sure don't want to wait a week and half.
    I've heard that Horiuchi is good. Has anyone used them? What's the turnaround?
    Any other recommendations? I'd prefer labs in or around Shinjuku.
    Note: I shoot 135 and 120 in both BW and color.
  2. Horiuchi is top notch.... I used them for 35mm b&w and color transparencies. Very high quality lab... they were one of the three last Kodachrome processors left in the world, if that tells you anything about quality control (with the very difficult K-14 process).
    Yodobashi is also great. I can't believe that it would take 3-11 days to be processed. If I submitted early in the day, I think I would get it back the next day. This was with 35mm color, though, maybe b&w and 120 is different.
  3. 35mm color seems to be quick, but BW and 120 tend to take too long.
    What's the turnaround at HCL? Are the prices much different?
  4. I went there a few years ago. I had b&w processed by them and it may have taken a couple of days.
  5. HCL does same day t/o for E6 (120 and 4x5), provided you submit in the morning - at least for their Roppongi lab which I frequently use. Otherwise it's next day. B&W takes 2 days. Normal processing is about Y400 per roll of 120 which is great value.
    Quality and service is faultless. I can't recommend highly enough!
    Have just returned from the US where some photo labs in major cities haven't even heard of E6 (seriously!). It's incredibly convenient to have this service available in the middle of Tokyo, especially given the quality and price.
  6. awesome, thanks!

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