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  1. I just received a Speedotron Brown 1205lv. One of the power pack connectors is missing the blue plastic insert. This is for our Deming HS photo group. I can replace it if I can get the part. Help , Please
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  2. Have you tried contacting Speedotron? They are still in business. Speedotron

    Since you are in New Mexico, you might LightTec.com in Dallas, TX
  3. Brown line appear to be 5 pin Amphenol connectors. You should be able to see the molded-in Amphenol part number if you look closely with a bright light.

    Take a very close photo under very bright light, and post it here.

    For reference, Blackline connectors:

    The Speedotron Blackline male connector from strobe to power pack is an Amphenol 18-8PF. Below is an 18-8P insert, it looks identical to what I have on my Blackline system.

    Amphenol Industrial - 97-18-8P - connector comp; insert only; size 18; blueinsul; 1#12 & 7#16 solder cup pin cont - Allied Electronics & Automation

    The Blackline female connector on the power pack is an Amphenol 18-8S.

    97-18-8S Amphenol | PEI-Genesis

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