Speaking of putting Leicas on the shelf and not using them:

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by chad_hahn, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. In this months Automobile magazine in the "On The Block" section they
    tell about a 1 of 1000 Ford Mustang Cobra Indy Pace car that went up
    on auction.

    This car was bought new in 1994 for $26,845 put in storage for almost
    10 years and sold at auction for $23,850! Not only did he loose three
    thousand uninflated dollars but storage cost and sundry expenses as

    The ending sentance could be applied to cameras as well: Buy new cars
    for pleasure, not as investments.
  2. I hope he has trouble convincing the IRS that this was a legitimate tax loss!
  3. "loose" is not tight.

    "lose" is to have something leave, or to not win.

    "sentence" is spelled with 2 e's.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. ;)
  4. Ray - Lets review your posts and see if you've every committed any typos. Next time try a little harder helping yourself.
  5. And I know, its ever not every...
  6. Actually, "sentence" is spelled with 3 e's. ;-)
  7. Zing! Go Ken!
  8. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Buy new cars for pleasure, not as investments.
    I buy them for transportation. I don't see where pleasure comes into owning a car.
  9. For $25,000 I could buy fifty '84 Chevy pickups. One of them is bound to run.
  10. Let's try spelling a simple word like "lose" incorrectly enough times and maybe we can get it changed in the dictionary. Same for "too"... Let's just simplify and let it be "to". In fact let's not offer any corrective information to people at all when they make an error in spelling the simplest of words, ones they'll probably use almost every day. Let's just let them and all the other people here who spell it the same way remain in the dark for the rest of their lives.
  11. ...OK Ray, lets!
  12. As an EOS user this is the first time I have looked at the Leica forum... Boy am I glad Ray dosen't shoot Canon!
  13. Webster lives! (and is shooting Leica)
  14. Next time I will make sure that I am sitting with both feet on the ground, that my elbows are off the desk and that my index fingers are on the f and j keys.

    I will also meticulously proof-read each line before I hit the submit button. No more firing off a post at the drop of a hat for me.

    Thanks for ruining my sense of spontaneity Mom, I mean Ray
  15. Just more evidence of the dumbing down of America. The heck with spelling and grammar. While some wonder why test scores continue to decline, others glory in their igorance.
  16. Would you get so defensive if you had misinformation on some technical aspect of photography, and someone gave you the correct information? Why is this any different?
  17. I think that there is a huge difference between not being a good typist and not knowing correct usage. Adding an extra o in lose is not like getting a fact wrong. The gist of the post came through your pedanticism notwithstanding
  18. It's not as if I'm sitting around correcting every little typo from everyone. I make them too. And I misspell words. But if you kept seeing people over and over referring to something as common as Tri-X as a digital process... eventually you'd want to set them straight, wouldn't you?

    I see this word spelled "loose" all the time. It's not a typo. If yours was, my apologies.

    Thiz maygz sence tooo doessssn't it? U cen reed it, eye know. But at what point do you start making up your own spelling, or just not care, and where do you recognize and respect convention of language???

    Lots of people are going to think you're uneducated or stupid, even if you aren't, if you can't spell basic words when writing. If you want to go on like that, or don't care, that's your choice. I wasn't crucifying you for it, even though you seem to think that was my intent.
  19. There is something about internet that does it to proofreading. The little submit and confirm buttons just scream: "Come on, get it over with!" Mea Culpa.

    Anyway, back to the Cobra. I wonder what the mechanical condition of that car is like after ten years of storage. It will probably need a lot of work. It is the same with cameras that sit on the shelf for a long time. But fixing up a camera is easier than fixing up an antique car.
  20. m_.


    Ray: All good points but remember we got people from all over the world on this forum so be kind. language is nothing but a tool for communication. as long as we communicate, there isn't any problem in my book. yes, I can read your line all right so we are communicating fine. :eek:)
  21. "I buy them for transportation. I don't see where pleasure comes into owning a car."

    But yet you went and got all poetic over a coffee maker. Think of a car, then, as a coffee pot with wheels and maybe you'll understand the attraction.

    Ray, I'm with you. At some point, bad grammar, spelling and punctuation say something about the person using them. I constantly see Chevy Camaros advertised as "Camero for sale." After awhile, I start to think that Camaro owners must be a bit stupid. Or maybe it's the mullets.
  22. Poetic over a coffee maker?

    Chad, sorry, my mistake to single you out.
  23. Eye half 3 degreez, end aye wahnt two stik two tha topik.<P>
    If collectors want to waste their money on a mechanical wonder simply to let it rot in storage while they stare at it, it's their business. It doesn't bother me until collectors' demand inflates prices for those of us who want to use these things for which they were designed and built... But I suppose that has nothing to do with Leica.
  24. I'm with you, Ray. The English language deserves to be employed properly. My favorite fictional detective, Nero Wolfe, was found at the beginning of one novel feeding Webster's third, page by page, into the fireplace because it allowed "imply" and "infer" to be used interchangably. He also refused to take on a client who used "contact" as a verb. My pet bugaboo is the use of "enormity" as a synonym for large as opposed to evil. I have noticed the loose vs. lose used many times, especially among my fellow Boeing engineers.

    Hey, gang, if we never correct you, you will never learn, irregardless of how long you live.

    P.S. I threw that irregardless in there as a lure.
  25. Me ain't got no degree, but why him no know me no know.
  26. If there was more going on there Al, the action might kill off a few follicles.
  27. Almost completely OT; This spelling bee business reminds me of a story my uncle told, supposedly true. He was returning from a bombing run during WW II. It was very successful (is that an oxymoron?) and they suffered no casualties. Radio silence was mandatory, but the radios were "on." Someone coughed or sneezed, and someone else said "who dat?" [Pause} "Who dat say who dat?" Then, "who dat say who dat say who dat," and so on until the wing commander sternly told everybody to knock it off and maintain radio silence. {pause} who dat say dat? Well, its late and it sounded funnier when my uncle told it. Cheers.
  28. Would you get so defensive if you had misinformation on some technical aspect of photography, and someone gave you the correct information? Why is this any different?
    Because, last I checked, this was a photography forum, not a spelling forum. People come here for information on photography, not information on spelling.
    In other words, nobody asked you.
  29. kiss my ass ;)
  30. Last time I checked, like with this thread, lots more than photography gets talked about on this forum.

  31. My colleague's peeves:

    -- It's vs. its

    -- dot.com in writing, which reads as "dot dot com," if you think about it. And in a further sign of our laziness, it's really a period, not a dot. But I guess we couldn't have called it the "period com revolution."

    -- Incorrect use of "dilemma" -- a dilemma is when all outcomes are undesirable, such as: "Would you rather lose your Summicron, your M6 Clasic or your job?"
  32. Some of us prefer to be out using our LIKER
  33. Ray,
    When I saw your response I kind of chuckled. But now I know you're serious! Now I wonder how you got this way and am worried for you. With your a-hole being so dammned tight, your brain must be all backed up and swimming in it. How did you ever get this way, overbearing mother? Potty training too young? Tell us.

    Everyone understood his meaning, whether it was a typo or misuse of English. And you know what? Who should care? This isn't school. It's a freaking photo forum. I'm here to discuss topics and hopefully learn more tips with regard to photography, not grammar. That's the trouble with this place, and why the Canon guy is glad you're not there. Too many self-absorbed, self-appointed know-it-alls who just can't keep their mouths shut.
  34. i don't think ray was serious at first. i mean he wanted to make his points, but he placed a smiley at the end to show that it was all in good humour.

    i think he got a bit defensive because some pc'ers got a little upset at his critique.

    oh well...
  35. I disagree. He was serious. He put the smiley there for his own benefit so we wouldn't think he could be THAT big of a pompous ass. His subsequent posts removed all doubt, however.
  36. Thanks matt.

    Hi George, nice to make your acquaintance. How ya doin'?
  37. I'm here to discuss topics and hopefully learn more tips with regard to photography...
    Heh, seems you've now blown that opportunity...
  38. I rather enjoy the diversions and side trips encountered on this forum. I think it means that we are humans not robots or Vulcans. I also monitor the Canon FD forum. They seem to get about one posting per day, not too thrilling, although I have acquired some equipment through it. I enjoy most of the photography on the Leica forum, except for the drab and tawdry B&W photos of slummy scenes; for that, I can visit my home town, Niagara Falls NY.
  39. With all due respect Ray, you appear to be a jerk.;)
  40. Hey Brad,

  41. Three years visiting this forum, and I´m sure my english is not only poorly articulated but misspeling too; I just wish you would discuss more about a picture, than you do about a word.
  42. Funny how the name callers think they're somehow on higher ground.

    My comments were never directed at non-native speakers, Roberto... and I discuss photography and post photographs about as much as anyone on this forum. You can check.

    btw, I apologized for whatever mortal sin I committed here about 12 posts back. If that's not enough for you, I'm sorry again. Beyond that, I'm afraid I just can't help you. If you still find the need to be hateful, maybe it's time you consulted a physician.
  43. I think the important thing to remember here is that a 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra is basically a 1980 Ford Fairmont under the skin. No matter how you spell it, it's still a crappy car.
  44. My comments were never directed at non-native speakers, Roberto... and I discuss photography and post photographs about as much as anyone on this forum. You can check.
    Just to be clear, Roberto, the above was the only portion of my post directed at you.
  45. Loosen up guys. ;) (yes this smiley means something).
  46. btw, I don't write perfect English too. In my past year or so corresponding with Ray, he had not once criticised my spelling or grammar. I think our understanding of each other is evident. SO in that regards, i'd say Ray is pretty harmless.

    Also, sometimes I get "loose" and "lose" wrong too. I make a concious effort to use them as they should be.

    ok, i'll go stroke my m4p now..
  47. One last time. Simple and straightforward.

    I apologize to you, Chad.

    That's all I owe to anybody here.
  48. Simple and straightforward.
    Simple indeed...
    Ray: Excellent pix, knows what he's doing, strong opinions. No worries mate...
    Dickless Whiners: Go pound sand...
  49. Hey Brad,

    Your last two posts contained the words blown and dickless.... you're either 13 yrs old or you have ISSUES. Which is it? :)
  50. George:

    It's high time you stuffed a sock in it.
  51. Ray, you don´t need to apologise, first of all there was no a personal complain at you, and yes I have readen you post very frecuently, and if ever I value your contribution or any one to this site, it won´t be for the out topics, sorry for being like that on a sunday. I may felt very "suceptive" to bad spelling.
  52. James,

    But you said you rather enjoy the side trips and diversions!??
    Or only the diversions supplied by people with the same opinions you have???
  53. George:

    Ray has apologized, which I thought was unnecessary, as I assumed his comments were directed only at native-English speakers who should know proper grammar, etc. There is no point to continue to berate him or those that agree with him.

    I do believe in and value the diversity of commentary found in this forum. I enjoy Jay's opinions because I think they are backed up by a strong base of experience and are well stated; doesn't mean that we are total agreement. But, I think you are on a continuing harangue which neither provides information nor entertainment. You have every right to post; I just think it is time to change the subject.
  54. ...which neither provides information nor entertainment.
    nor photos
  55. Thanks for the.....
  56. What kind of cigarret is that?

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