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  1. I have to leave because I get too much SPAM from here. I am sorry but I won't be back until it gets fixed. I have marked the place as Spam.
  2. Extraordinary. I get absolutely zero spam through, but maybe my spam filters are catching it all.
  3. I am in the same position Larry - 850+ today, 600+ yesterday.
  4. There was a massive batch of spam posts the last couple days. If people were set up to receive notifications for posts in the forums they probably got mobbed.
  5. The 850+ messages today came between 02:13 and 15:30 Local time here in the UK (GMT+1)
  6. G-P

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    clearly we have had a problem with free members coming to and writing spam posts - they are removed as soon as they are found, however as mentioned earlier - if you are set up to receive notifications to forums and we're getting attacked then that is what you are receiving. While we investigate - you can easily turn off notifications. Jin and I are looking into ways to address the problem - suggestions already made are being looked into. Apologies for the inconvenience but we will get to the bottom of it.
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    "If people were set up to receive notifications for [new] posts in the forums they probably got mobbed."​
    For an alternative procedure that might assist, please see my response (May 23, 2016; 08:43 p.m) to Nick, here:
  8. It can be a problem but do not blame the people at, the do not want it as much as you do.
    I just have ALL email notifications turned of, I do that for every website/forum I am a member of out of habit, if there is an option though I will allow admin mail or contact list mail.
    Spam is only a problem if it goes to your inbox, if you can not stop it them make it junk mail and you will never have to see it unless you go to your junk folder, I get a lot there, most of it telling me that for a $$$$$$ I can make certain body parts larger or that I am suddenly irresistible to some 18 year old super model up the road.
    If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is not.
  9. I have not place blame on anyone but the SPAMMER. I am watching and I have turned off notifications. It seems to have improved. I do know that a rogue spammer group can cause a bunch of trouble and it is just part of the problems of modern life.
    Good job doing what you are doing folks.
    Larry D.

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