Soviet Nikon mount lenses on M42 cameras?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I recently tried a Kiev 10 soviet SLR i got as a gift from an uncle with the Helios 81 2.0/50 lens. The camera is fully working (including the Auto mode with the help of the huge selenium cell), but it's heavy and it handles a little rough. As i am not a collector of soviet cameras, i put it on sale in the classifieds section and i uploaded some test shots on flickr. However, i especially liked the images from the Helios 81 lens. It is available in the proprietary Kiev 10/15 mount version and in a nikon-mount version, but my SLRs are all M42 cameras. As i am not familiar with the various nikon mounts, i was wondering if any adapters were available to enable one to use the Helios 81 nikon mount version on an M42 camera. There are some adapters for modern nikon lenses to fit on M42 cameras available on e-bay, but i don't know if the Helios 81 mount is the same (F-mount, AI mount ?). Any help would be welcome. Thanx!
  2. What is the mount on the one YOU have?
    It is a fine lens, but if it is Nikon mount, I haven't personally tried any adapters, though such are possible, I guess. Lots of Nikon type lenses have rearward projections that would likely foul the mirror, anyhow

    Flange to film/sensor plane
    Nikon 46.5 mm
    M42 45.5 mm
  3. It is Kiev 10/15 -specific mount type that has never been used on another camera and no adapters for other camera types exist.
  4. Kiev 10/15 mount is a unique one. If you have a working Kiev 10 just enjoy it. It does not happen very often. It also got a unique shutter which works as a rotary disk shutter (in a way).

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