Southwest USA in July - trip report

Discussion in 'Travel' started by scott_hunter|3, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. I have finally completed my trip report for last year's vacation to
    the Southwest United States. It has taken me a lot longer than
    expected to complete - some eleven months have passed since I
    arrived back home. It comprises a 20,000 word write up and plenty
    of photographs.

    It's quite a personal account, although the drop-down menu will
    provide more informative details about the places I visited.

    Feedback greatly appreciated.

  2. Nice report. It's definitely an amazing area. While bus tours (pretty much anyplace)are awfully structured, they do provide a way to catch high points and make choices about future visits. And they do save you from the beastly drives! (BTW, those "squares" and "circles" are irrigated areas. The circular areas have a long irrigation system rotating around a center feed.) Sounds like your coming back for another shot. Enjoy it again.
  3. Nice write up. I made a trip out there recently, and posted a few pix and a much smaller report at:

    Click on the link to the southwest-03 and you can see a few pix and read some boring text. ;-)

    Yes, I'll go back.

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