South Carolina Low Country

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I've been a long time member of but haven't used it much in recent years. But I'm writing because I'm traveling the Hilton Head SC next week and I was wondering if y'all could give be so hints on good spots where to photograph. Of course my friends there say you don't have to look far at all, and of course there's Savannah! I'll be bringing my Sony a6k with the 16-50 and the 55-210; going light (and no tripod). So I thought I would just throw a line and see what I could pick up here over the next few days. I'm flying out Sun, Jan 14. Thank you!
  2. Nobody??
    Okay, for future reference to those that might search for "South Carolina Low Country, here's what I found:
    • Bone-yard beach at Edisto Beach
    • Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens
    • Magnolia Plantation
    • Audubon Swamp Gardens
  3. Beaufort, SC - nice, southern architecture
    Hunting Island State Park - light house and beach
  4. We never made one of our planned trips to SC, but our research indicated that it would be a great trip for photography, especially if you're looking for ante bellum architecture and Spanish moss...

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