Sources for medium format film in Ireland?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by randall cherry, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I am still sorting out the details for my Ireland/Scotland driving
    tour mentioned in a previous thread.

    I am now looking for sources of medium format film while on the
    road. More specifically, where can one buy such film in the
    southwestern and western parts of Ireland? (I'll ask about Scotland
    sources later.) It would be great if I knew of a few spots along my
    drive to replenish and/or adjust my film supply. My internet
    searching has not been productive.

    Generally, I'll be driving from Dublin to Cork, and then working my
    way north along the west coast of Ireland to finally loop back to
    Dublin at some point in the northwestern part of the country.
    I expect to be passing through Cork, Dingle, Limerick, Shannon,
    Galway, Connemara area, and Sligo. Can anyone provide contact
    information for medium format film sources in or close to these


  2. Cork: O'Learys Camera World on Oliver Plunket Street stock some 120

    I wouldn't expect a fantastic range though
  3. david_henderson


    I always fly into Ireland and I always bring the film in with me, hand baggage of course. Many of the towns you speak of are not large, meaning you might not find much choice or quantity, and Ireland is not a low cost shopping environment anyway.
  4. jmf


    I have on a couple of occasions, fedex'd consumables to myself care of hotels I knew I'd be at in a reusable container. I then sent the container with the exposed film back home (in one case) or to a processor in the other.
  5. Hi,
    I've just picked up a medium format myself. As expected Dublin & Cork would be the best, especially Conn's Camera's just off Grafton Street (Dublin). They stock Fuji: Velvia, Reala, Provia, NPH Kodak: Portra, Tri-X in 120. Probably a few I left out.
    Outside Dublin is not as good. Cork: O'Leary's & McSweeney's.
    Limerick: Whelan's (O'Connell Street) Small selection: Velvia & NPH, Agfa Optima. I know Ennis (near Shannon) has quite a good camera lab, but I can't think of the name, and Galway would also be quite good as I expect a lot of tourists/photographers would be there.
  6. Aren't you being a little prissy and precious? The areas of
    Ireland you mention are mostly very very rural and while very
    small town has somewhere to process film in an hour or so,
    largely, they handle 35mm, just like small towns here.
    Professional photographers travel by air every day and take film
    with them for the same reason they pack extra socks. And socks
    are easier to get locally than MF film. You mean you are going to
    plan for the trip, carry all of your camera equipment with you and
    then leave everything up in the air to buy film locally? And if you
    can't buy film, won't you feel smart? How about an extra battery
    or is that a local purchase too?

    Time to grow up, no?

  7. Thanks for all the information, everyone.

    Shawn and Ian, the shop names are especially helpful. I'll track down their phone numbers and give them ring to see what they have in stock.

  8. In Dublin, I'd recommend John Gunns Camera shop on Camden st.
    In cork, O learys have a good range. Outside of the cities, you will find it difficult to get hold of 120. As other posters have pointed out film is not cheap here - I live here and generally buy my film from abroad over the net.

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