Source of paraphenylene diamine for Harveys 777 developer

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  1. I guess the opening line says it all - I'm looking for a source of
    paraphenylene diamine to make Harveys 777 developer. I'm a UK
    photographer, but a US source would be fine. Alternatively, a ready
    mixed source of 777 would do.

    Many thanks,
    Neil Miller.
  2. Photographers Formulary carries parephenylene diamine. You can also buy the original formula from Bluegrass in Louisville, Kentucky--phone number 1-502-425-6442.
  3. Neil,

    Rayco Chemicals
    199 King Street
    South Yorks.
    S74 9LJ

    Phone: 01226 744594


    They have PPD.

  4. Ed, have you accually talked with Bluegrass and confirmed that it is the original formula? Curious minds want to know.
  5. hi there

    i recenlty called bluegrass and asked them about harvey's 777
    developer. they said it is the original formula and cost $52 for a
    case that contains 4 - 1 gallon packages. when i asked what the
    formula was, they declined and said it was a "secret receipe". i
    DID find out one thing, there is no glycin in their proprietary

    - john
  6. WELL! if it is the original formula and there is NO glycin in it,
    then that throws a monkeywrench into the whole issue of the formula investigation.
  7. If you know any lichenologists, they'll have some PD laying around. Its used in lichen identification
  8. Thanks for your help. I tried the Photographers Formulary, but they couldn't ship to the UK because this chemical has a hazard rating.

    I then faxed an order to Rayco yesterday lunchtime and the order was with me this morning - outstanding service!

    Thanks again,

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