Source for used cameras in New York city?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by randall cherry, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I did a search and didn't find anything . . .

    Any recommendations on good stores for used cameras in New York
    city? Preferable a store that is well-stocked with medium format

    I am already aware of Ken Hansen Photographic, but are there any


  2. K&M Tribeca on Broadway below Canal
    Lens and Repro on 17th *
    Adorama on 18th *
    Calumet on 19th
    K&M on 23rd
    B&H on 33rd/34th *

    and many many more. but these should get you started. they all have websites.

  3. Rich Pinto is in New York:

  4. Ken Hansen? I think he sells used Pontiacs/Buicks now?
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I have an RB67 with a 90mm, also available, a 127mm if you are looking for a second lens reasonably priced? I'm in NYC if you want to stop in to see it?

    e-me your phone number at, we'll talk?
  6. Ken Hansen still maintains a healthy business, in cameras...
  7. Thanks for the offer, Paul, but my focus is on the Mamiya 7II and Rolleiflex TLR series of cameras.

    Maybe I should have been more specific and asked for good sources for used Mamiya 7II rangefinders and Rolleiflex 2.8(GX and FX) TLRs in New York city?

    I appreciate everyone's suggestions!

  8. You were right the first time - New York City doesn't have any used camera stores. Nobody in New York uses Medium Format gear, because there is no advertising there, no journalism there, and nobody gets married there.
  9. Douglas,

    Sorry for the garbled paragraph. I'll explain it for you, though:

    The subject was *recommendations* for camera stores. My search didn't find any such recommendations.

    Thanks for your helpful post, nonetheless.

  10. My pleasure.
  11. For a very nice Rollei selection in NYC call Elliiot Kurland (or He seems to be the "last man standing" as far as purchasers of used Rolleis' at decent prices. He's gathered up quite a nice inventory / collection while everyone else is ducking them.


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